Friday, December 6, 2013

A Little Bit of Catchup

That's pretty much how I feel about Portland's snow today. Woo wo, indeed!

I'm writing this post from the house I started house-sitting today. I'll pretty much be house-sitting from today through the next month at various places, so my schedule is pretty darn full. November was INSANE. I earned three times in that month working for myself and STILL having more free time than I ever did having my full-time desk job. Awesome. This month is looking like I'll maybe be making a little less, but not by much! Hopefully this trend keeps up because I really like being able to adventure more often!

Speaking of adventures... I leave for my Antarctica trip IN A MONTH!!!! I really can't believe that this adventure that I have been saving for for what feels like forever is finally happening. I started to follow the ship that I'll be on, the M/V Expedition on both Twitter and Instagram, and have been enthralled with what I've been seeing. I truly can't believe that I'll soon be on that very boat seeing those very things. I've been mentally preparing myself over the past month trying to think of any last items I may need. I'm kind of thinking of getting Patagonia's Triolet pants to go with my jacket, but that's really the last thing I'm thinking. Having windproof and waterproof outerwear is a good idea in those cold , variable climates so I'm leaning toward yes. That will also help me for my Patagonia trip with all the windiness there! (Finding that post makes me think that I should probably write a post expanding about the fact that I'm going to volunteer at Torres del Paine National Park in freaking Patagonia in March, 2014!!)

I celebrated my 31st birthday on Sunday, which is kinda crazy. I feel like I should either feel older or something, but I don't. I still love that I get carded and people are like, "You're a decade older than the carding age?!" Ha!

And that's about what I've been up to! Just trying to keep my nose to the grindstone and make some money to pay for my Patagonia trip!

What's new with you?

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