Monday, October 28, 2013


My birthday card from Amy last year...little did we know that 2013 WOULD be worse than 2012. ;o)

Man, this year, I tell ya.

I did not plan for two months to pass between my last post. The past three months or so have been the worst, most stressful months I've ever had. My life turned completely upside-down for awhile. It's finally getting back to being normal again. I did have some adventures during this time period that I'll be blogging about. I went to Ketchikan for two weeks and worked my butt off. I went camping in central Oregon's high desert and hiked to the top of Smith Rock. I paid my Antarctica trip (!!!) and got accepted to Conservation VIP's Torres del Paine volunteer trip, which means I'll be heading to Patagonia in March for two weeks!!! (Checking off TWO life dreams next year!)

I really do think life is finally back on the up and up. It feels good to be back.

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  1. Why so bad? Why so stressful? Makes me sad. :(