Sunday, August 18, 2013

Today Is My Fifth Portlandiversary (And I'm Spending it in Canada)

Image by Steve Morgan

I did it, kids!

Today marks my fifth year of living in Portland, Oregon, also known as Bridgetown, the City of Roses, Beervana, Stumptown, and Rip City. It was five years ago today that I landed in Bellingham, WA, on a 36 hour ferry ride from Ketchikan, and then drove down to Portland to begin my new life with Jonathan. You can see two past posts about previous Portlandiversaries here (from 2010) and here (from 2011).

This weekend we are in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, celebrating the wedding of one of my favorite people, Stina, to her awesome wonderful new husband, Ben! It has been about two years since I've seen Stina, I believe, so it's been AWESOME to spend time with her and I think this is a pretty good reason to be out of Portland on my fifth Portlandiversary.

In honor of five glorious and weird Portland years I give you five of my favorite things about PDX.

1. Hiking!

2. The Oregon Coast!
How I Spent New Year's Day in 2012 (This also has us at Fort George Brewery in Astoria)
Team Brittanathan Coast Windstorm Adventure (in which I bribed Jonathan with fish tacos)

3. Beer! (Though mentioned many times on the blog, PDX is a good place to start a drive from!)

4. Mount Hood Adventures!
(Wow, I know we've had lots of other Mt Hood adventures that I apparently never blogged!)

5. Random Adventures

Here's to another five years in Portland! ;o)

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