Friday, May 17, 2013

Team Brittanathan Does Newport and the Yaqina Head Lighthouse

Happy Friday!

Wow, I'm finally able to put this post together. What a week! It's been a little crazy here, so it's nice to come back and look at these pictures and think about how relaxing it was to be at the beach for two days! The Sylvia Beach Hotel was just as wonderful as the last time we stayed!

I took all of these photos with our Canon S100 but I may do a post of the photos I took with my cell phone another time. Those are always the more candid shots. :o)

The hotel on my early Saturday morning walk...

The library

Dr. Seuss room

Lincoln Steffens room

Shelly the hotel cat (and her 'nip)! I LOVED HER.

We went to the Newport Aquarium and saw our favorites!

It was International Migratory Bird Day and the Cascades Raptor Center from Eugene had brought this falcon and the osprey below to show people. Such cool birds!

This rockfish does not approve.

After the aquarium we walked around five miles and watched the sun set! We walked from the hotel up to the start of Agate Beach and then back again. This picture shows my explorer pose.

Watching the sun set was so colorful and amazing!

On Sunday we went to the Yaquina Head lighthouse. It was AWESOME.

I LOVE my windbreaker! It's Patagonia's Houdini jacket. I highly recommend it!

Mama and baby seal!

Frank was there, of course! (See the rest of her travels here!)

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