Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Evening with Michael Pollan and “Cooked”

I liked my adult sippy cup of G&T at the theater! ;o)

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Michael Pollan speak about his new book “Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation” here at the Newmark Theater. Everyone received a hardcover (signed!) copy of “Cooked,” which was pretty cool. It was a conversation between Michael and Dave Miller, a broadcaster on OPB. This was my second time seeing Michael speak and, if you haven’t had a chance to see him live, you must see him if you have the chance. He is so jovial and informative without being stuffy. He’s a great speaker and is really entertaining. Dave Miller was the perfect person to accompany Michael and the hour that they chatted went by quickly! After the hour was up, Michael took questions from the audience. I can’t wait to read the book! (However, as I buy eBooks, I bought “Cooked” for my Kobo and listed my new copy on both Amazon and If anyone is interested in it, I will sell it for $15 plus a small amount to ship!)

Some of his quotes from last night:

“The microwave is like the Ayn Rand of appliances.”

“My [homebrewed] beer had a Band-Aid note in the aroma.” – On leaving beer-making to the professionals

“Children are not born liking kimchee.” – In a story about visiting a kimchee museum in Seoul, Korea, and seeing a group of schoolchildren, so he asked this of their teacher.

“People confess their foods to me. I’m a Jewish food priest.”

“Cooking is magic!”

“Very often the food movement is asked to solve a problem bigger than food.”

“Raw foodists wouldn’t be in that boat if it weren’t for the blender.”

“I want to write books for people who couldn’t care less about their food.”

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