Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mt. Hood Snowshoe Adventure

Jonathan and I (okay, maybe just I am) are always looking for people to come snowshoeing with us. It's one of my favorite things to do and there is only a small amount of time to be able to do it every year, so I always like to make sure it happens. On our first snowshoeing trip this season our friends Ravyn and Jim came with us and we all had a blast!

We went to the same spot on Mt. Hood we always go to. (Someday we'll have to go somewhere else...someday...) We got our snowshoes on and were enjoying the beautiful day. We made our way down the road and eventually decided to stop and eat lunch. While we were eating we noticed a bunch of grey jays around us. I tried offering up a piece of bread and one swooped in and took it from my hand! We all started offering up bread and snacks to the birds and more and more started flocking around us! Jim got the great idea to put a chip on his head and soon a bird came in and grabbed it! (One bird also came in and started eating my salad while we were doing this, because I wasn't paying attention...tiny bird jerk. ;o) So then we all started having birds land on our heads and eventually we were out of food. But it was so cute!

When we turned back the weather was getting more sunny and soon we were greeted at the lookout with this beautiful view of Mt. Hood! It was definitely a day to remember and I had a ton of fun. I can't wait until the next snowshoe trip!


  1. Yay! So much fun. Sorry about my legs, haha. We seriously had a blast though. Feeding those birds was pure craziness ... any sign of the bird flu from that one landing in your salad?!? :)

  2. okay I am super jealous of your snow there! You would think in vermont we would have more but I havnt snow shoe'd in 2 years because of the lack of it, I miss it so! Those trees are just gorgeous :)