Sunday, December 23, 2012

Finally A Day Off (It Included Lots of Cats)

This has been the craziest week ever. Not only was it my first week at my new job, I have been bouncing around in the mornings and evenings to take care of people's pets. I am staying at several houses at once. I'm thankful that some of the houses have pets that the owners were fine with me just visiting to feed and hang out with them. I just haven't had a whole lot of free time this week and next week will be the same way. I am covering for everyone else's vacations! I am so happy to do this, but I am also looking forward to some normalcy. Luckily all the pets are cute. ;o)

Thus brings me to today. It is the first real "day off" I've had in awhile and it has been sooooo nice. I had to run around and check on some pets earlier and feed some kitties. 

Kitty Picard was the MOST outgoing I have ever seen and I have known her for two or three years. I've never actually felt like she liked me until today! She hid behind my coat and was all super cute for awhile and then came out and was all chatty and friendly! Hey, I'll take it!

The super cute Lundi...I love her!

After I ran my errands I got a glass of wine, my laptop, and watched rain and puttered on the internet all day. It was sooooo nice to finally kick my feet up and do NOTHING. Even though I did also do some laundry and cleaning. Later I took a bath and pampered myself. It felt so, so good to spend some time on ME. (I did my favorite face masks and everything!) I will still have to leave the house again later and do a bit more chore stuff, but I'm thankful I even got this much sitting around time! Tomorrow will be a lunch and movie date with Jonathan to go see "The Hobbit!" Have you seen it? I AM SO EXCITED!!!

I can't believe Christmas is the day after tomorrow. We are going to Jonathan's parents' house, like we usually do. I am looking forward to it! Did you have a good weekend? What are you doing for Christmas?

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