Friday, December 21, 2012

Awesome Stuff I Pinned This Week

This is Dixie, one of the kitties I am house-sitting. She is very sweet, but doesn't like her picture taken next to the Christmas tree. ;o)

It was a great week. It was a busy week. I am exhausted, but happy. I love my new job. I love other peoples' pets. Life is good. More about things later, when I'm getting more than four hours of sleep at a whack (not kidding, I'm tracking it now! More about that later.).

*The Funny Scary Snowman (I STILL cackle at Every Single Person who falls for this!)
*Tape Art: Wes Naman's Photographs Show Terrifying Smushed Face Effect
*Silent Retreats' Rising Popularity Poses a Challenge: How To Handle the Quiet
*On Immigrants and Being Cheap
*Sunday Night Prep to Eat Clean All Week

See all of my pins here!

Love you guys! Next week will be quieter! I have lots to say about my new job awesomeness, soap sales, soap availibility, and more! xoxo

What are y'all doing for Christmas? I'd love to hear in the comments!

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