Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1: A Very Excellent Day, Indeed.

Friends, I had one of those "Very Best Days Ever" days today. It was my first full day off to myself since Amy and I had our Adventurers Who Love Cats & Cocktails outing a few weeks ago. I took full advantage of it and had a GREAT day. It is November 1. I have been tired of feeling all wah-wah and crappy and unlike me. Today I renewed my pledge to make a difference in my life and do get back on the happy Brittany track. Everything I did today was awesome and made me feel good. I need to make a priority in my life to do the things I like to do.

Like yoga.

I freaking LOVE going to yoga at the Bhaktishop. Going to yoga there makes me so fulfilled and happy. I like how nice the people are. I like how the decor makes me feel warm and cozy. I like how upbeat and energetic people are. I just REALLY like going there. Have I gone there recently? Nope. Not in MONTHS. What is my reasoning? Well, I generally will be driving there and if I'm not going to a donation yoga class then the drop-in fee is $12. Not bank-breaking, but definitely something to think about. Today I said, "NO MORE." Going to yoga there is something that I will now be working into my budget and into my schedule. I feel so much better when I do yoga and I used to justify it in Ketchikan, but why not here? I think one reason is that I feel like I should be biking there. I'm not sure why this is, but something in me is making myself feel bad that I would be driving there. I used to take two yoga classes a week that I would just DO in Ketchikan and, yet, here in Portland I am being whiny about it....for what reason? Yeah.

So. Today I went to yoga and I stretched and smiled and balanced and laughed and I felt freakin' FANTASTIC. And I am going back tomorrow from 8:30-9:30am for more yoga goodness because it is awesome and I am worth it, darn it.

And that's how I started my day. After yoga I ate a big salad and took Artoo on a long walk. This is something else that I have been feeling like I "should" be doing and haven't. Do I love my dog? Yes. Do I love walking and/or being outside? Yes. Why am I not combining these things...? Laziness? A general feeling of morose sometimes? This afternoon Artoo and I walked fifteen minutes to the off-leash dog park, walked around the perimeter of the park a few times, and then walked the fifteen minutes home, almost an hour walking total. I felt AWESOME.

Know what I followed yoga, doggie love time, and walking with? Coffee with one of my favorite people, Nicolle! Yes!! We haven't had girl time in way, way too long. It was soooooo nice to catch up with her and we have pledged to not be such butts about getting outside. We now have camera outings and doggie park dates planned. This is gonna happen, yo.

After Nicolle and I hung out I went grocery shopping and bought some of my favorite things: salmon, vegetables, and alcohol! No, really. I bought a bunch of yummy healthy things that I love and make me totally happy and then I also bought a cheap bottle of wine and some yummy beer that had my initials on the caps. When you find a beer with your initials on the cap...well, you buy it because it's the Right Thing To Do.

I came home and roasted two batches of coffee (thus insuring I won't be drinking 24 hour old coffee in the morning...not that I did that this morning, no.... *ahem*), washed a sink full of dishes (being nice so Jonathan wouldn't have to do them), made a pot of udon noodle soup (I have been craving this for some reason? I like beefie taste and haven't had it lately?), and prepped four days' worth of salmon (tonight we had it seasoned with a coffee rub we got in Hawaii, and then I have two days' worth of teriyaki salmon and one day's worth of chipotle raspberry salmon marinading in the fridge now). 

Jonathan and I ate coffee-rubbed salmon, grilled asparagus, and beet & goat cheese cold salad for dinner and it was GREAT. I had Meyer lemon shortbread cookies and dark chocolate for dessert. Now I'm blogging and listening to "OK Computer" for the first time in years and have so many memories associated with this album.

All in all, this day was totally awesome and I need to make more days like this. I need to take time for friends. I need to do the things I love that make me feel good, both mentally and physically. I need to spend quality time with my doggle. I need to keep kicking ass because it keeps me in good spirits. :o)

P.S. Today marks one month until my 30th birthday. I can hardly believe it. Thirty! Ha!!

P.P.S. I took these pictures today. It was a very photogenic day.


  1. Thoughts in order as they are popping into my head while reading this:

    "Coffee rubbed salmon! That's ridiculous! And your fish cooking abilities amaze me.
    "I love that you and Nicolle had coffee together today. You two are stinkin' cute."
    "I have yet to actually try a real yoga class and it's totally because it's pricey. You're right though, it's definitely something that can be worked into the budget. I need to get over my shit and go."
    "I totally get where you're coming from with the whole, I need to do more of what makes me happy, feelings. I do the same thing every once in a while. I think it's a girl thing. In our spare time we tend to do things that need to be done, like cleaning the house or doing the grocery shopping etc...instead of every once in a while truly taking the time for ourselves. It's a tricky balance."
    "YOU'RE GOING TO BE 30!!!!"

    1. Ha ha ha, HI! YAY! I have been looking at photos from Sandy of the east coast and went from writing this "GUYS, I HAD THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!" post to crying and wishing I could help out and being all sad.

      For me, this whole year has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I am usually pretty even-keeled, but there have been some events this year that made me underlying just totally unhappy. I have tried to power through them, because I am Brittany! And I am HAPPY! But that only gets me so far. So this year has just been poo as far as my happiness and needs have gone. BUT NO MORE. My new job is just the tip of the iceberg. There is only so much I want to say online because I am not "that" person that vents online about things (I'm classy, you know ;o) but this year has been hard. Things are now different and changing.

      ANYWAY. I can message you on FB or email with you more if you want to chit-chat, which I am totally down with. I don't mind talking with girlfriends because it's healthy! But I don't want to write it on the internets where it will be visible for everyone.

      Yes! Nicolle and I had a great girl date!!! I was sooooo happy to see her! This is seriously the first time we have hung out since February, I think, and she is one of my very best good Portland friends! Life has not been easy for her this year either, so that's why we are making sure that things are different from now on!

      My fish cooking abilities come by being Alaskan. ;o) As someone from the places where The Good Salmon Comes From (instead of Atlantic, farm-raised, dyed icky salmon... which makes me sad for the salmon because they are living beings that I respect and it's not their fault they have all this junk in them... but I digress), you just know how to cook it and you NEED to cook it! And it's cheaper than people expect for quality seafood! I have four nights' worth of salmon for two people for $2.25 a serving. For one of the most healthy foods out there, how can anyone NOT eat it! This is why when you decide to go to Alaska I will accompany you, or when you come to Portland I will cook you salmon and also take you to Ecola Seafoods in Cannon Beach, OR, where the best salmon in OR comes from. ;o)

      Can you tell this is the longest comment ever? Thanks, beer, for the verbose-ness! ;o)

      Have you never been to a yoga class before? Ever? EVER?!?! If so, we need to talk. It is life-changing!

      I AM GOING TO BE 30!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!! I feel like yelling, "PSYCH!!!!!!!" because I remember being in my early 20s and, while I can't get by on two hours of sleep after all-night partying and be a functioning adult, I feel ridiculous being all, "OH, yes. I am an official adult. Hum de doo, hum dee dee." People still think I am very young and can't tell my age and I still can fit in children's clothing, so I think I am still okay there.

      It's now 10:01pm, so I should probably finish writing this comment because I am doing good at being sooooo adulty right now and I have to get up and go to yoga tomorrow. ;o)

      YAY! Thank you for your comment, though. It is so nice to chat with you!! :oD

  2. I love this so much. Hooray for having an entire day for your soul!! I am so happy I finally met Artoo, btw ... now I can FEEL the photos of him, haha. Hooray for girl dates ... you and I need to be sure we do more too!!

    1. YES! More Ravyn and Brittany girl dates, as well! I want to go on more photo outings!!