Friday, October 26, 2012

Recipes and DIY Goodies!

I've made and used a few recipes lately that I LOVE and simply must share! Two of them are food and one is a great toilet cleaning recipe that made my toilet sparkle and smell heavenly!

I have made these burritos several times in the past few weeks! They are jam-packed with vegetables and flavor, are very filling, and pack easily, as they aren't liquidy at all so the tortilla doesn't get gross and slimy. I do make a few changes from the original recipe, though. I don't do the spicy sauce stuff and just season mine with salt, pepper, and lime juice. Also, I tend to add corn because everything is better with corn! The recipe also makes a hefty amount. Usually enough for one Jonathan-sized tortilla, and three Brittany-sized tortillas. And all for not very expensive! Like I said, these rock!!

I made this nut butter recipe the other day for the first time and it is a WINNER! It is a perfect blend of savory and sweet. I didn't pre-roast the nuts with the maple syrup (because we don't have syrup). I also used hemp seed powder instead of full hemp seeds. I don't think it matters! I also put in a sprinkle of some greens powder for extra oomph. I have been eating little spoon-sized amount of this from the fridge because we don't have any bread right now for me to make sandwiches with. I do have some green apples that I am going to spread this on, though, for a yummy snack!

I used the toilet bowl cleaner recipe at the bottom of this page. The tea tree oil and lavender combination smelled REALLY good and my toilet got cleaner than I expected. Gunk has still not started building up either, so yay for that! Just wanted to share this recipe since it's cheap and easy to make!

The weather here in Portland has changed and it now seems to officially be fall. The leaves are changing and there is definitely a chill in the air! The bad part is that our apartment is fairly damp and so this now means we must start using our dehumidifier, causing our electricity use to go up, although it's better than having things get musty and moldy. Today I did laundry for the first time at home in a month (when I was house-sitting I was using their machines) and hung the two loads on our drying rack. When I leave for work I'll turn the dehumidifier on in this room and the clothes will be almost completely dry by tonight! Much better than having damp clothes for days!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Are y'all doing fun Halloween stuff? Jonathan and I are going to a party that should be pretty fun. I didn't have time this year to put together a great costume, so I will probably be wearing my fall-back costume of pink Adidas tracksuit, pink and gold shoes, and gold bling and be a rapper. Everyone stay safe! I can't wait to see pictures of people's costumes over the next few days!


  1. I love the idea of kitchen sink nut butter!

    1. It is soooooo good! And I feel super healthy when I eat a ridiculous amount of it because I can tell myself, "Oh, good job, Brittany! You are being sooo healthy in eating all these quality ingredients!"