Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Five Year Anniversary - First Post: Cheshire!

As I may have mentioned before, October 20 was Jonathan and I's five year anniversary. Whoo hoo! I can't believe five years has gone by, which means also that I have been living four years in Oregon. CRAZY. That is like a whole post in itself.

For our anniversary we went to Cheshire and stayed for a day and a half, visiting his parents, and then went and stayed at a yurt in Newport at the South Beach State Park. It was all super fun! I can't believe I am only just now going through our photos, but I am and that's how life goes, but I thought I'd share some.

I'm going to split photos from our long weekend into two posts because they will be fairly picture heavy. Jonathan's family, as some of you may know, lives in the country on a big plot of land and it's soooo pretty! Artoo and I took a few good walks through the woods and on the fields. That's what this post will be about. After I go through the photos we took in Newport I'll post the rest. (I have a tendency to take one million photos of fish at the Newport Aquarium.)

Enjoy an Oregonian country fall!


  1. Happy anniversary! Big hug to you!! (And that adorable pug!) We will be celebrating our five-year anniversary, too, soon! It's quite a long time! :) xoxoxo

    1. Yay! Happy early anniversary to you! It both feels like a long time but then the time has gone by so quickly that it doesn't feel like much time at all! I'm thankful we found such awesome significant others! I am SO EXCITED for your wedding!! I can't wait to see photos! It's been fun hearing about little bits and pieces of it!