Monday, September 10, 2012

The Alaskan Routine

Well, I've been in Alaska for a bit now and have been settling into my new schedule quite well. I work at one job Thursday through Monday, 8am-4pm, and the other on Tuesday and Wednesdays from 9:15am-6pm. Having a set schedule to wake up to and do every day is AWESOME. I have really been missing that. Every day I get up at 5:30 and enjoy coffee and puttering on the internet for an hour and then get ready for my day during the next hour. I walk to the bus and head downtown to work, and then most nights I've been doing something after work and end up getting a ride home later, but sometimes nothing is going on and I head home on the bus. I really, really like having a set schedule every day and I also like making money on a daily basis. ;o)

Working with tourists daily is something I both enjoy but don't enjoy. I really like being helpful, chatting with people, and being a smily ambassador for our city, but when people are rude because we can't dicker with them over the price of a $9.99 sweatshirt or give them an extra plastic bag for their items (and on and on and on and on...), it gets tiring fast. I understand that people are out of their element for a week. Away from home and being surrounded by 2,000 people, all stuck on a boat where everything is expensive...yes, I get that. But being rude over stupid crap gets me. Luckily, 98% of people are awesome, and only 2% make me want to get stabbity. Working with tourists every day for eight hours a day does make me appreciate both good coworkers and going home and relaxing every night! I do wish I had a car so I could spend some alone time beach-combing and I have decided it is worth it to me to rent a car on my only day off in the next few weeks so that I can drive out north and go to the beach! (That day off is two weeks from now, so I'm reeeaallly excited for it to happen!) I did find out that I can take the bus out north to Refuge Cove, which is one of my favorite beaches, so that will happen soon!

Overall, this trip is going along great and I'm surprised it's halfway done with! I can't believe I've been here for two weeks as of today. I still have another two weeks to go. While I'm looking forward to going back to Portland, it's also been really nice to have a set schedule where I do the same thing pretty much every day. I love having a daily routine. I love working full time and being busy. It's been hard not having a vehicle and not spending money like I used to, though (this is the longest I've been in Ketchikan without going to Annabelle's since before I've moved).

Here's some photos I've taken while at work the past week!


Cute owl mask we got at Dry Goods last week! 

Tourists heading off the ship to do some shopping! 

A lovely morning last week 


My morning routine! Coffee from TGCBC and an extra thermos of it to keep me sane through the first part of my work day. :o)

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  1. I particularly enjoy your usage of "stabbity", I want to get stabbity when I drive downtown in August. Gah!