Monday, September 10, 2012

How To: Cook Oysters in the Oven

I found out something new the other night: I like oysters! I'd had them before years and years ago and they were raw. I didn't like them. I'm big on texture and the texture was just icky. But the other night when my friend Allison invited me to eat three dozen oysters with our friend Katie I was hesitant but said yes. I'm SO glad I did because I found out that oysters cooked in the oven are magically delicious!

Apparently, 400* for about eight minutes is the secret. Since people eat them raw, it doesn't really matter how little they're in the oven, but Allison told me that as soon as the first oyster pops open a little bit then you can call them done. Let them cool a bit, then open them from the back with a shucking knife. Drop four drops of Sriracha (four drops was the perfect amount for me!) and a squidge of lemon on that sucker and suck it down. DELICIOUS! I could have helped eat another three dozen oysters!

So, anyway, I thought I'd share this because I didn't think I liked oysters at all, but I just needed them prepared in a way I liked them, so maybe anyone who thinks that they don't like oysters either can try them this way! What are some foods that you used to not like but just didn't have them prepared in a manner that was right for you?

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  1. My encounter with oyster was way different, because it’s already processed and offered in the market as oyster sauce in a pack. But what I found out is that, oyster source adds more flavor to any sautéed vegetables. I tried it with river spinach mixed with pork meat cubes, and it really tastes so good that I did it over and over for about a week, but of course with other vegetables.

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