Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

This time last year I was having a blast in Ketchikan with Whitney, Terry, and Gretchen. It was THE rainiest Fourth of July I can remember. I spent the entire day in full-body rain gear. Whitney and I watched the parade and then walked downtown to the Arctic, where we hung out on the deck and drank beers and ate many meats-on-sticks. (My goal every Fourth of July is to eat lots of meat-on-a-stick.) There may have been a Jello shot or two. We met up with Gretchen and Terry, where we proceeded to hit up the Fish Pirate's and drink cocktails and eat seafood. We then headed back to the Arctic. It was a pretty magical and fun day.

Watching the parade with Whit! 

Ahhh...Jello shots at the Arctic 

Meeting up with Gretchen and Terry? 
(North Face Venture Jacket Party #1!)

The ladies! 

The first of many meats-on-a-stick 

The weird pirate man at the Fish Pirate's. My buddy! 

Protecting Gretchen's ass! 

(North Face Venture Jacket Party #2!)

 Rained on! (But very warm.)

More meat-on-a-stick!

I don't totally remember if fireworks were the same night, because it was SO rainy, but we actually had the Fourth of July fireworks around the Fourth! Sometimes they get put off until New Year's Eve.

Damn straight. You go have yourself an excellent Fourth of July. I still don't know what we're doing. Jonathan is working (making double-time, wha wha!!) until 2pm and then I really want to go to Hood River to Double Mountain and eat pizza and drink beer with people who I consider my peers, as they're very "Alaskan" in Hood River. Lots of outdoorsy folk who wear the same things I tend to, which is adventure gear. So we'll see. I have been wishy-washy about this afternoon and spending money to go to Hood River, but I think it would be worth it mentally.

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