Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Today is a big birthday for my mister! It's his 30th!

*horns tooting*

To celebrate I am making him this salad (no, really, it's a salad good enough for celebratin'), making him chocolate chip cookies, and celebrating with some yummy beer!

One of the reasons why I love him because even though he's the more introverted one in this relationship, he is usually game to try something new and we have a great time together! Here's a few of my favorite photos of us throughout the past few years. Enjoy!

Holiday card, 2009, I think?

New Year's Eve, 2007

80's prom party

One year anniversary! Stayed at the Edgefield to celebrate!

Kauai, 2008

Cannon Beach, 2008

Jonathan's first fishing trip! Ketchikan, 2011.

North Bar, 2011

Riding bikes, 2009

Mt. Saint Helens, 2010

Mount Hood, 2012

Deschutes brewery tour, 2009

Happy birthday, my beloved Jonathan! I hope it's wonderful and that we spend many more birthdays together!


  1. Hello Brittany! It is me Monica! It's been so long since I read your blog last so I will have to spend some time catching up!! I hope you and Jonathan are doing well! Great pictures by the way! I am still not back in the blogging world but will try to "stop by" every now and again to "see" you! Take care!


    1. OH MY GOD!!!! HI!!! Do you know I think about you all the time?! I have been so bummed since you completely disappeared off the face of the internets! I've been wondering how you and the family are and if you're still in Kelowna! I miss talking to you!!

    2. We are doing well. Just really busy! Hannah is in Kindergarten this year and is having a blast! Kyle is busy as always and I'm just keeping all the "life-y" things together and in order!! Yes, we are still in Kelowna.

      OMG!! So sorry to hear about Jonathan!!! I am so shocked but glad his brain is starting to heal. How scary! I hope he can take some time to recuperate! Thank goodness he was wearing his helmet and that that good Samaritan kept an eye on his bike!

      Take care! Talk soon I hope!


  2. You guys are the cutest!! I aspire to be more like you and do more adventuring and take wacky photos :)

    This reminds me, Ben wants to plan a trip to stay somewhere on the coast for a few days and he thought it would be cool to get a 2 bedroom kitchenette type place and hang out with you guys. Not sure when - when we can all afford it! haha. But I thought it was a great idea. What do you think?

  3. The 80's prom party is AMAZING. Adorable.