Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Love Schmidt's and Why You Should, Too!

I have been meaning to write this post for a couple weeks now, but between my crazy schedule and Jaime's schedule there hadn't been a really good chance to write a proper blog post about how much I love her products until NOW.

Let me start at the beginning. I'm not totally certain how I came across Jaime. I know I remember seeing her lotions at the now-defunct (*weeps*) The One Stop Sustainability Shop and thought it was neat. I liked the idea of locally-made lotion. As you may know, I am a recovering (well, kind of) product whore and really liked the idea of not only having locally-made lotions, but perhaps not as many lotions as I used to have before (8+ at one time, I am not exaggerating), but more quality lotions. Perhaps buying lotions seasonally, as I like fruitier, more sassy scents in the summer and more creamy scents in the fall/winter. I think I saw that Jaime was having a sale in her Etsy shop and she not only let me pick up lotion from her porch but she also included a sample lotion with a smily-faced Post-It rubber-banded around it.

People, I WAS SOLD!! (You know how I love anything with extra happiness rubber-banded to it.)

I pretty much gleefully got into my car and started slathering myself with lotion and started tweeting about it. Yes, I like it that much. This was the first initial photo I took:

Then I started using the lotion and it is PERFECT! It's got great scent and the lotion itself isn't greasy at all. It makes my skin feel emollient and soft without feeling like an oil slick.

These two lotions are the ones I've stocked up on:

Schmidt's Grapefruit Geranium - 
The perfect fruity and floral blend! 

Schmidt's Unscented lotion -
Perfect for adding your own essential oils! 

Schmidt's Unscented sunscreen

Jaime also makes a wonderful mineral sunscreen! I like it because it doesn't make you ghostly white and it's not oily. I am not able to use all sunscreens on my face, for fear of them making me break out later, but I am happy to say this works great for me!

If you love quality products that don't contain any icky ingredients, you should definitely check out Schmidt's!

(Photos from Jaime's shop, except for the Instagram one from me. ;o)

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  1. So, so stylish darling! what do u say about following each others blog? kisses