Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Etsy Love: Naturallogic!

I am usually a frugal sort of gal when it comes to using and making things on my own.

I use my own Corvidae facial bar to wash my face with, use baking soda to exfoliate, and coconut oil to moisturize. I also made my own toner last week and have been thrilled with it! (That's another post to come, perhaps.) But sometimes doing things frugally isn't always the most fun. I do miss having the fancy-scented girly products that come in fun packaging. I am a SUCKER for good packaging (which is why I make my soaps fun).

Enter my new Etsy love: Naturallogic!

I found Naturallogic when I was looking for a facial serum on Etsy. Once I found the shop, I gleefully began adding products to my favorites. The product packaging is beautiful and the descriptions of the products makes you wish you had them Right Now and that they were edible. (This is when I want Smellovision for the internet.) I finally put together my order and waited in anticipation for my products to get here. I got them on Saturday and they were even better than I thought they would be!!

This is what I purchased... (all photos from Naturallogic)

I took a bath on Saturday night and did my usual face-washing routine beforehand. I put a thin layer of the Pumpkin Glycolic Peel on so that it could sink into my pores from the steam of the bath while I hung out in there. I read for a bit in the tub and enjoyed a glass of red wine. I love my girl time!

After I'd soaked for a bit I used the Raw Chocolate Body Polish to exfoliate. I loved it because it wasn't too greasy or scrubby the way some homemade scrubs can be. I actually could use a tiny amount of product and could feel like I was getting a good exfoliate, which is awesome because I know these products will last a long time! Plus, it smells intensely of chocolate and I could even smell it on my skin after I got out of the tub! When I got out I wasn't super oily at all and the tub didn't have a layer of oil on it that I would have to warn Jonathan about later.

After I got out of the tub I rinsed off my face, sprayed my toner on it, and then applied a few drops of the Pro-Vitamin Vegetal Serum. My skin didn't feel tight from the mask and it wasn't drying at all. I went to bed and on Sunday morning my skin looked AWESOME. I'd had a few breakouts on my chin and above my upper lip and they were at least halfway healed up. The pores on my nose looked smaller, as well. Those spots were basically completely gone by this morning! WOW! I am hooked and happy to share my new Etsy Love. :o)


  1. Now you made me want to know more about them! Off to check the shop out!

    1. I hope you liked what you found! I am still totally impressed!! I just kinda want more products now. ;o)