Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My New Favorite Recipe: Arepas!

There's a food cart here in Portland that sells arepas, delicious corn patties filled with things like meat, cheese, salad, eggs, and the like. I had one last year that was seared tuna. It was GOOD. That simple meal has stuck with me and I didn't want to have to pay $6+ for it. I found a recipe for arepas and made my own delicious idea of what I think the best filling is. (Needless to say, these are probably not really traditional.) I've now had several requests to share my recipe and so here it is!

I have been using this recipe as my base recipe. I've now used the recipe several times and it works great. One thing to note, since the arepas are unleavened, they're not going to be puffy like an English muffin or bread. They're kinda squishy and chewy but also toasty on the outside. Some arepa recipes call for cheese or other ingredients, but I went for this recipe because it's cheap and we like cheap right now. ;o)

Mixing up the dough

This is the flour I'm using. It was $2.50 at WinCo and will last forever! 

 Arepa patties, pre-cooking

Cooking them in the oil. You're not frying them, just use enough oil to keep them from sticking!

Black beans are yummy! 

Homemade pico. (YUM!!) 

The arepas after baking. So yummy!

Our usual final product looks like the top photo. Sometimes we put quinoa in them for extra protein, although they are really filling with just black beans, pico, and a blob of sour cream. They are great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (not that I would know...hee hee!).

Any questions on the recipe? I'm just super excited to have found a new recipe that's cheap and that I like so much!


  1. yum! who knew, another recipe for corn. looks great. cheers!

  2. I totally love corn and I don't know why it took over a year for me to make arepas. I think it was one of those things that finally struck me and made me go, "I want to eat those again!!"