Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fiddleheads and Corvids

On Monday I made some soap for the first time in awhile. It felt good to get back in the kitchen! An even better feeling was that I made some soap that I've been wanting to make for awhile!

Presenting... *fanfare*

This soap smells AWESOME!! It is sooooo happy! It smells just as great and zesty as I hoped it would! About it... "This soap makes me think of two things I love: fiddleheads and mojitos!

Fiddleheads are the curled-up parts of young ferns. They are only around a short amount of time, sometimes only a few weeks, before they uncurl into mature ferns. One of my favorite parts about hiking in the woods in early spring is seeing fiddleheads because it means summer is coming!

Springtime freshness leads me into the next part: mojitos! Made with fresh mint or spearmint (and extra lime, please!), these yummy drinks are the perfect quencher for hot days. The scent of this soap reminds me of sunshine and playing outside!"

So yummy, right?

I also made two more batches of Corvidae, my charcoal soap. It has been selling like wildfire, which is great!

I just need to make two more batches of my Beer and Honey Shampoo bar and then I'll be totally stocked up for awhile. Ahhh...soap, I love you.

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