Thursday, March 15, 2012

Team Brittanathan Coastal Windstorm Adventure!

Jonathan, bless his heart, is really good at humoring me sometimes. Ah, that little word in relationships, "compromise." This Alaska girl really loves a good storm and I love being on the coast. I spent just about my entire life being somewhere where I could see water and now that I don't get that every day, well, let's just say that going to the coast makes me HAPPY. This also means that when the coast is having storm weather warnings it gets me all excited and makes me want to go even more! Jonathan would rather not be outside during these times, but he agreed to adventure with me and I'm so glad he did!

Yesterday my plan was to go to Cannon Beach and eat a late lunch at Ecola Seafoods, pretty much the only place in Oregon I'll get seafood from. It is AWESOME!! I love love love Ecola Seafoods. I always get the salmon taco, which is a giant soft-shelled taco of awesomeness. Oh, it is so good. And it's huge!


After eating half of my taco I was totally full. This is the benefit of these tacos for me. It's another mini-meal for later! We also get some of their salmon jerky, which is the best salmon jerky I've had outside of Alaska. It is made of magic.

ANYWAY. Enough about my love of food. ;o)

At the coast it was gusting to 40mph with not much rain, which was awesome. My goal was to walk to Haystack Rock and back. I was bummed that the tide was high, which meant no tide-pooling, but the amount of waves and sandstorm-like effects was pretty darn cool! It was hard to walk against the wind, so sometimes we walked backwards! None of the seagulls were flying, even when I was power-walking-chasing them. ;o) We also saw a bald eagle! It was a pretty successful day. Here's some pictures! (All the photos are in the album here!)

It was pretty snowy going over the Coast Range

Looking over at Ecola State Park, one of my favorite Oregon places! 

 I just love that it looks like Jonathan is moonwalking. :o)


Totally puffed up! I could actually lean back against the wind, which is crazy! 

The first whole sand dollar I've ever found! Yeah!!
(Holy cow. While looking up "sand dollar fuzz" on Google, which is the only way I've ever found them, I found this crazy informational page about sand dollars! COOL!) 

Seagull stalkin'. 

Hey, buddies! 

All in all, it was an awesome day!! I had a great time and I'm happy Jonathan was able to take a little bit of time off work to go adventure with me! (And for being such a good sport. ;o)


  1. so awesome! and yay for the sand dollar! they're so nifty!

  2. So cool. I've always wanted to find a sand dollar.

  3. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your photos! I love to watch a good ocean storm - I need the coast really bad too, but get there once every 6 years or so. I love to watch the wind and the waves!

  4. Yeah, I couldn't believe we finally found a whole one! I have found them whole in Alaska with the fuzz still on, but have never found them de-fuzzed and whole. It was pretty cool!

    Jenny, glad you enjoy the photos! I do what I can. ;o)