Friday, October 14, 2011

Natural Way To Fix a Divot in My Tooth! Will It Work For Me?

For the past seven or so years or so I've had a divot in one of my back teeth. It's a little hole that isn't completely worn through to become a cavity. The dentist told me way-back-when to just take care of it and keep it clean, in hopes that it wouldn't eventually become bigger and deeper. Happy to say, it hasn't grown and I keep it clean, although I have to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth. But what if there were a way to truly fix it? I stumbled across "How I Healed My Child's Cavity" by Sarah at The Healthy Home Economist. I googled around and found stories both pro- and con- about it, so I figure "what the heck?" and am going to try it for myself.

The method I am going to try uses butter oil and fermented cod liver oil in a synergistic way. Of course, me being me, I am going to obtain my own high-quality cream, make butter with it, then make my own butter oil, also known as ghee. Best case scenario? I have no tooth divot. Worst case scenario? Well, nothing happens. Either way, it can't hurt to try.

One other teeth-related thing I would like to try is something I read about on a blog that I like, The Nourished Life. It was an article about how to brush your teeth for gum health using a Bass toothbrush. I need a new toothbrush anyway, so I'm going to order one of these and OraWellness' Brushing Blend, made with organic essential oils.

Wish me luck on my dental experiment!


  1. Wow, this is intriguing! Definitely keep me posted on this experiment! I read a blog post recently about something called "oil pulling," which is basically just swishing with oils (like coconut oil) to kill the bacteria in the mouth.

  2. I actually do oil pulling! I tried it about a month ago and it wasn't bad so I kept it up, off and on. I actually thought about mentioning it on this post, but then didn't, so I'm so glad that you did!

  3. Hi Brittany,
    Thank you for mentioning OraWellness in your blog! I'm sure you will enjoy using the Brushing Blend and the Bass toothbrush. One of the most frequent comments we get as feedback from customers is that they experience an immediate reduction in tooth sensitivity. I thought you'd like to know this since you say you currently use a paste for sensitive teeth. And please do let us know if/how the OraWellness Brushing Blend affects your teeth and gums, in particular the divot you mentioned.
    To Your Health!