Friday, October 14, 2011

Deer & Sea Lions at Coast Guard Beach!

Yesterday morning was awesome. I met up with Brooke around 9am so she could show me the trail through the woods from South Point Higgins beach to Coast Guard beach. It took about twenty minutes to hike and was raining sideways the whole time. The only thing I would have done differently had I been thinking is that I would have worn my North Face shell and not my Marmot jacket. We still had a great time and saw some cool stuff!


While we were out I noticed a deer hanging out on the beach. It left our field of vision so we decided to sneak up behind a log to see if we could see it around the corner of the beach. We snuck up and didn't see anything at first, but then we realized:

There were two deer!

They trotted off and we decided to go check out the sea lions we had seen out in the water, watching us. Sea lions are notorious for goofing off while people are around. They are very curious and fun!

A short video of the sea lions! Not the greatest, since I took it with my phone, but whatever. :o)

We finally had to keep moving because Brooke had an appointment to get to. We turned around and started walking back but then realized the deer were back!

We didn't want them to freak out, so we advanced using a technique Brooke says her husband uses. He pretends he isn't a human, then the deer don't know what he is, but they usually are less afraid. We crouched over and pretended to snuffle and eat leaves while we walked.

"Eating leaves" and crouch-walking toward the log, so we could hide behind it.

We watched the deer for awhile and then had to leave so Brooke wouldn't be late. We crouch-walked and pretended to eat leaves over to the trail. The deer were alert to our presence, but never got freaked out and always just seemed curious. This is the closest I've gotten to deer in years, so I'd say Brooke's hubby's technique worked!

So that was yesterday's excitement! An excellent beach date with a good friend. :o)


  1. Looks like you had SUCH an awesome hike! I'm only SLIGHTLY jealous ;)

  2. It was so cool! I haven't seen deer in quite awhile. Not really counting the deer I see eating on the side of the road on my way to work sometimes. I'm always zooming past them in my car!

    The sea lions also did this cool synchronized swimming move where they fanned out and dove at the same time. It actually got Brooke to go, "What!" and throw her hands in the air. Pretty awesome!