Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blog Posts I've Enjoyed Lately

It's another episode of "Blog Posts I've Enjoyed Lately"!

*How To Make a Salve with Infused Oils - Common Sense Homesteading
I've been wanting to learn more about infusing oils and this tutorial is super easy! I really cannot wait to try this.

*10 Albums Every Lady Should Own and Reply - Yes & Yes
I have three of them. What about you?

*Collecting: Hobby or Money Pit? - Fabulously Broke in the City
Things I apparently collect are beach glass pieces (that I display in vintage Ball jars), feathers found on the ground, and neat shells. Luckily, this doesn't take up much space in our little apartment and seeing this nature stuff makes me happy. As my minimalist tendencies have been evolving, I'd like to think I am better about getting rid of stuff. One of the things I currently have on display in our apartment is a collection of vintage pharmaceutical bottles. If anyone out there collects anything like that I got some nifty stuff for you! (Last year people decided that I collected owl stuff and, while I like owls, I got a big influx of stuff with owls on it. This year: no room, people! Please, no owl stuff for birthdays and Christmas! I have always liked ravens better anyway. ;o)

*Peach Jam Two Ways: Peach Vanilla and Fuzzy Navel - Common Sense Homesteading
I want to eat both of these straight from the jar. Maybe on a biscuit with some cream poured on top.

*DIY: Make Your Own Custom Perfume - Girlie Girl Army
Hello!! I gave away my bottle of Anna Sui Original perfume, my most favorite perfume ever. Using mass-produced perfumes isn't good for you and contain a lot of chemicals. That doesn't mean I don't miss spritzing on a scent that I love. (I'll always have you in my memories, Anna Sui.) The idea of making my own eco-friendly custom perfume rocks! Definitely trying this when I'm back home.

*I Find What Happy Women Get Right - Sarah Wilson
I like to tilt. :o)

*14 Days - Rowdy Kittens
Tammy and her hubby are having a tiny house built, which I think is so awesome. They officially get to move in in two weeks. This is what she is excited about!

*Looking Ahead: 2012 Calendars - Re-Nest
I have mentioned before about how hard it is to find the perfect calendar, so it made me happy to see some of these and remind myself that the big 2012 calendar search is about to begin!

Thanks for reading my summary of some blog posts I've been enjoying lately! I hope you found something you enjoyed. :o) What posts are you enjoying?


  1. I was just reading comments on the Mighty Girl website and saw a comment you wrote about whole in the wall. I'm also in Ketchikan, so thought what a freakin' small world. Thought I'd say hi.

    We're new to Ketchikan, arrived in August. Living at Settlers Cove for the winter.

  2. Oh, my gosh, HI!!!! Yay! What a small world! I haven't made it all the way through your blog yet, but I'm excited to. How did you and your hubby get to be the caretakers at Settler's for the winter? That's really cool because I thought my friend Mary (we affectionately call her "Ranger Mary" :o) took care of the park. Is the road work to the park done yet? I would love to head out there one last time before I leave next week on the ferry. I am from Ketchikan but moved to Portland in 2008. I'm here all the time, though. :o)

    Anyway, I'm so glad you said hi! If the road is open I will definitely come out there and explore the beach since I didn't get to the last time I tried. (And I was silly and forgot about the trail off Lunch Creek trail.) I don't know if you are super busy all day, but if you want to walk on the beach with me you are more than welcome! And welcome to our fair city. :o) I'm hoping you keep the blog going now that you're in AK because I'm adding you to my Reader!