Saturday, September 10, 2011

In the Homestretch!

 I found this box at my curios shop job. Before he went back to school, one of the summer workers went through and left many little notes on all sorts of things for other people to find. It certainly made me smile to find it while I was stocking picture frames! :o)

I would apologize for posting so infrequently these days except I'm not sorry. I have been working so hard to put money into savings in this last final push and it feels AWESOME. As I write this on Saturday morning, it is a gorgeous day outside, the first sunny day we've had in a few weeks. We've had some pretty epic storms this summer and it hasn't been very sunny overall. I have been reminiscing about my time here in Ketchikan and thought I'd blog about it.

I can't believe my plan that has been in the works since last August is finally happening. Last year I sat in the park outside my job that just wasn't right for me and called Steve at the coffee shop and asked if I could come back for the summer and was so overjoyed when he said yes. When it was stressful at my job I just had the little spark that everything was going to be okay because I had an exit date planned. April 22 was my last day and, while I do appreciate the friendships I made there and the things I learned, I was ready for something else. I had a week that I thought I would have off before I got on the ferry but I found myself still being really busy. Before I knew it I was driving north on I-5, up to the ferry that would take me to Ketchikan. Leaving Jonathan was really hard. When it was finally time to say good-bye it was SO HARD to get into the car and actually drive away. I wanted to stand there and say infinite good-byes. I did have to pull over and get another good cry out before I got onto Halsey to head to the freeway.

But I made it and I was fine. It was a beautiful day for a drive and once I got to the ferry I was happy to get settled. 36 hours later I was in Ketchikan! If you have been following my blog, you know I have lived in quite a few houses since I have been here, which meant packing and unpacking my boxes and my car A LOT.

How many houses?

House 1: Robin's house
House 2: Murgen's house
House 3: Gretchen and Terry's house
House 4: Joey's house
House 5: Brandee and Morgan's house
House 6: Kristi and Jeremy's house
House 7: Brian and Whitney's house
House 8: Frank and Tiffany's house
House 9: Current house!!!!

Wow! I didn't realize until now exactly how many houses I have lived in this summer until now. While it was a pain in the butt to move everything, it really made me take a hard look at my stuff and decide what I want to be hauling around with me. All those clothes, shoes, and beauty products that I really didn't wear in Portland, but thought that if I took them with me to Ketchikan I would be forced to wear them? Nope, didn't happen. I still didn't wear them, but I was still hauling all of it around. This was the spark of my transition into a more minimalist lifestyle (that and since I came here to make money, why would I want to be buying a lot of stuff?). I have gotten rid of a bunch of stuff since I got here and it feels awesome! I've given things to friends, sold or given it away on Ketchikan's Facebook groups, sold things on eBay, Amazon, and, and had a garage sale. I can't wait to get back to Portland and start going through my things there to get rid of! There is nothing like being away from all of your things for five months that makes you realize how much of it you really don't miss. In my mind I have a "Come Take Brittany's Things" party where I put all of the stuff I don't want and I can't sell on a table and have my friends come over and just take whatever they want and I'd donate the rest. (So, note to PDX friends, remember I said this. ;o)

And now it's time for me to end this so I can go get ready for my day and head out to work. After work Marley and I are going to go for a hike somewhere and enjoy this nice weather. I can't wait! I hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend, as well!

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