Sunday, September 18, 2011

One Week, Two Boat Tours, Four Friends Seen, One Epic Wedding Reception

Last weekend it was gloriously sunshiney for THREE whole days and I was lucky enough to go on boat tours during this time! The first tour was the Aleutian Ballad, one of the boats that was in "The Deadliest Catch." It has been running tours out of Ketchikan for the last several years and I've been wanting to go on this tour for quite some time, but could never afford it. Fate had its way, though, and I met Captain Derrick and his special lady friend Janelle in the Arctic and schmoozed my way onto the boat (with Whitney!) the next day.

My Golden Crab Ticket!

Bringing up the first pot. We've got crabs!

King crab

Janelle, Whitney, and a huge crab

Derrick, me, and a crab

Whitney and little tanner crab

Crabbies love snuggies!

Crabs, crabs, crabs!

Crab pots are set up so that crabs are able to find their way back out. Crabs come in, eat the bait, and if no one comes and picks up the crab pots, the crabs make their way back out to go find more food. They were so cute! I had never seen a tanner crab before, so it was pretty cool to see them. Tanner crabs are also called snow crabs, so if you ever see "snow crab" on a restaurant menu, it's these little guys that you're eating.

The other tour I got to do was Allen Marine's Misty Fjords tour, the same one that I got to go on back in August for my friends' wedding celebration. This was another gorgeous day and perfect for being on the water! I went with Sarah and Andrew that day. Sarah is a dock rep for Allen Marine, so she has been on this tour many times, but this was Andrew's first time off the island, so I was pretty excited for him!

The rest of this week was busy with work and I wasn't feeling well part of the time, which wasn't fun, but I managed to wrangle myself out of bed one night to head to Annabelle's and the Asylum with Holly, Linda, Seth, and Gina, who I haven't seen since North Bar back in April!

We danced!

We wore matching North t-shirts!

Linda got a little ~*crazy*~

We danced some more!

We all wore Tuffies, of course.

And I got a little bit of love from Hollay!

Two nights later I went to Jamie and Davey's wedding reception, which was THE best wedding reception I've ever been to. The food was epic. There were two poached salmon, shrimp, crab dip, salmon dip, a giant tub of dungies, tequila halibut, bacon-wrapped scallops, and a ton of veggie options. It. Was. Amazing.

Yay champagne!

Jessica fighting to open a crab leg with her bare hands.

We finally figured out to put a napkin over the crab to reduce splatter and then whack it with a bottle of wine. Success!

Giant tub of dungeness!

Shrimp, the last thing I could finally fit in my stomach.

Right in the center of the picture there is a little worm that was on our flower centerpiece. Do you see him? We put him on a napkin and took him outside.

The rest of the evening was spent dancing and having a great time! It was so great to see the celebration of two friends and I am so happy for them!

And that concludes my week. It has been fun and busy! Today we are having gale winds in the 40-60mph range and horizontal rain. I was first woken up around 3am due to the storm and never really made it back to sleep. I finally got out of bed around 8:30am. Late for me! My only real plan for today is to go to dinner and a movie at Murgen's tonight, so I think the rest of today will be nice and relaxing, which I'm looking forward to! I have laundry to put away and a little bit of cleaning to do. There's no going outside today if I can help it. :o)

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and has a great week ahead!


  1. those crabs are completely amazing!

  2. The king crab were HUGE! I sometimes have seen crabs while I was diving, but never these guys. They were ginormous! It's weird to think people eat them. Like big sea spiders.

    (Have you been to the Newport Aquarium? The Japanese spider crabs are my favorite things ever. I think they want to fight me every time. I find them magically hilarious.)

  3. What a fun weekend!! It makes me seriously homesick though, mostly the tuffies. I miss living somewhere where xtra tuffs are not only valid fashion choices, but common and almost required! :-)

  4. Those are some scary looking crabs! Love that you tried to snuggle one tho.