Sunday, September 4, 2011

Funny How It Is

You know, sometimes we set up intentions and goals and things still just turn out how they will. I had the plan to make the Chinook and Rain-Dogg today, but that didn't end up happening. I did make two nice batches of Midnight Sun and Renai's Pinecone, though.

What's always interesting to me is that as the soap cools, it goes through a color transformation. I don't usually peek at my soap, because you want to let it cool as slowly as possible with cold process soap, but I just went and took a photo to show you how things go sometimes. The middle is the warmest part, which looks terribly unappetizing in the photos above. Who would want to use that in the tub? But I know by tomorrow it will look pretty, just as it usually does! The house smells like the Scotch pine essential oil in the Renai's Pinecone. Very fresh and clean!

This is a photo of how my last batch of KAKOW! managed to turn out. How did I do that?! When I cut into the first piece I squealed a little bit. It's so cool-looking! Too bad I have zero clue how to replicate it. Maybe I'll sell these pieces for twice as much as collector's items. ;o)

And, in going with the "not doing what I had intentionally planned to do today" theme, we didn't end up going kayaking, either! My friends were beat and my soap was taking longer to make today than usual, so it didn't end up happening. I did end up finishing "Dress Your Family In Corduroy and Denim," though, so now I can return it to my friend. I also discovered two new blogs I am quite fond of and spent some time reading through older posts - Itty Bitty Impact and RowdyKitten. I love them! Maybe you will love them, too?

In health news, some of you may remember my pre-cancerous cervical cell issue I was dealing with last year? Well, my first pap came back negative and I just got the call that it's time for me to get my second one. If this one if negative it means I can go back to getting yearly paps AND it might mean (this one I am crossing fingers for!!) that I can have normal private insurance and not have to be on the high risk list anymore. :o( To be turned away from insurance twice because I had the LEEP surgery done within the past year totally sucks, even though the first pap turned out negative and I am a pretty healthy person that usually takes care of her body. So send positive thoughts my way on Tuesday when I call to schedule my pap! I also have to now get a hold of the insurance company because I #1. never received anything from them in the mail and #2. have to cancel my credit card they use to automatically bill me every month because the number was stolen (good times). Gah. Tuesday morning is going to be sooo fun for me.

But! I am keeping my chin up. There is nothing to stress about because everything works out. I just wish I could take care of it tomorrow vs having to wait an extra day, but it will be fine. Life is good!


  1. Oh! I hope you get it scheduled & back soon and that everything is smooth sailing!! Stupid sucky insurance. Stupid sucky health problems.

  2. Oops, how did I miss your comment? Duuuhhhh. I got my appointment scheduled and yesterday I went to the place to fill out a form that *crossing fingers* will hopefully cover the cost of my exam. I'm not getting my hopes up, but it sure would be nice! Otherwise it's $160, plus whatever the cost of the diagnostic testing is, and I would really rather put that money into the bank!

  3. Yikes, no kidding!! I'm SO GRATEFUL to be on Ben's work health plan now. The meds I'm on are not cheap!! My bill today (for a few months of one of them) would have been a hundred bucks. That's just for one of many :s Yay for coverage!! Hope yours gets worked out.