Monday, August 15, 2011

I Have A Ketchikan Home!

Hello, friends!

What a rush of a week. My schedule at work is a little wonky, due to Heidi being out of town and we have our backup barista working. She's not the greatest to work around, but I am trying to make do. I am really excited for Heidi to be back, though!

What I am super excited about is I am now officially in my new house! It is adorable and things have been going great! I moved in on Friday night with Sandy, Whitney's mom, and she is wonderful. Low-key and mellow like me, and super funny. I had been a teensy bit worried in the beginning that, because she was my friend's mom, that she might go into "mom mode" with me or something, but it has not been like that. We are getting along great and I am really looking forward to living the next two months here!

Here's a couple pictures of the house. It was built in 1940 and was partially renovated in the '70s. The living room is HUGE. I took a sweet panoramic photo of the living room and it doesn't want to load on here, for some reason, which makes me sad because I really want you to see how big the room is. Ha!

It's all jumbly and messy in the living room because Sandy is getting ready to move up to Anchorage in a couple months and is in the process of going through things from living 29 years in the house.

This is my bedroom! It's so super cute! I took these pictures after I'd hauled everything upstairs, hence why it's all piled up with stuff. I have a view of the waterfront and I love it!

The view from my window on Sunday afternoon. So pretty! There is an air taxi business across the street from me and I got to watch airplanes all day! My idea of a good time. :o)

So now I'm in my new little house for the next couple of months. I even have pets again! Meet Casey and Baby Kitty...

(I promise Casey has legs. They are sucked underneath him. :o)

Having pets around is so nice! Even when they give me no personal space...

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am exceptionally happy in where I am at in Ketchikan now and the mental stress of forever worrying where I'll be moving next is now totally out of my mind. Life is good!

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  1. So glad you have a home base again AND it comes with furry friends! Yay!!