Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CLOSED: Tuesday Giveaway from Cookoorikoo!

Hello hello and happy Tuesday! Today's giveaway is a almost like three giveaways in one! Shana of Cookoorikoo is giving away a three month subscription to her ring of the month club, a $36 value! For three months you will receive a gorgeous goodie in your mailbox. Sounds like a good deal to me!

Name: Shanalee Hampton
Age: Almost 36
Location: Portland
Where can we find you online? Etsy, her blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr!

How did we meet? On twitter - you asked me to join your girl bike gang. :) And then in person a couple weeks later because of Emily Engdahl. But you bought a necklace from me AGES ago and I hadn't made the connection!

What do you do for a living? Run my etsy shop, my husband Shawn's etsy shop (pixelparty.etsy.com)
and our etsy shop (shamptonindustries.etsy.com) and some administrative work for Shawn's business. I'm also working on a graphic novel and thinking about opening a food truck.

How did you take up your artistic medium? I've been making things forever it seems but I first started making yoyos when I saw pictures of a fashion exhibit in Japan that featured fabric yoyos made from kimono fabric and it got me thinking. So, I made a pair of recycled wool wristwarmers and then my first necklace. It all just spiraled a little out of control from there. I now dream about making yoyos.

Three reasons you’re awesome:
*I make kick ass pie. No really. My grandma taught me and she'd be proud.
*I'm incredibly klutzy but a decent swing dancer. It doesn't really make sense but it's true!
*I have mermaid blue hair.

What’s your favorite quote? We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have
the life that is waiting for us. - Joseph Campbell

What do you do when you’re having a bad day to remedy it? Bake something for Shawn. Walk my dog, Monkey. Watch the Princess Bride. Honestly, any change of scenery/activity can do it. I just need
to do something to refocus my energy and be less in my head.

What’s a piece of good advice you’d like to pass onto the readers? Take a chance. We did when I Shawn decided to go freelance, when I quit my full time job to work on Etsy full-time and we decided to move to Portland and we couldn't be happier. There are days that it feels like we took the hard road to happiness but those hard days are totally worth it! I am a lucky, lucky girl.

Yaaay! Thank you, Shana! Whoo hoo!! (We still have not done any bike rides in the girl bike gang, but I know that will change in the future.)

To enter to win visit Shana's shop and comment back here with another goodie you'd love to own.

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Whichever else you choose to do, leave a message back here with a link to your tweet, post, or that you "liked" PSP on Facebook, Tweeted your love, etc. and those will be counted for extra entries! No need to leave eight different comments either. Just one will suffice with all of the necessary information. ;o)

The giveaway ends at 6pm AK Time, Monday, July 10, so get your entries in! The winner will be notified by email so make sure there is an obvious way to contact you. :o) This giveaway is for U.S. readers only.


  1. The orange crush necklace! Ooh! Or the sunshine shoe clips! OOH! Or the... ah, hell. This stuff is beautiful, and I want it all. Saved in my shopping folder. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fleur #148 brooch is so lovely! All of the brooches are gorgeous but I love the petal arrangement on that one especially.

    Partly Sunny Special- the yo-yo necklace with beads- is a favorite also.

    I follow you both on Twitter. :)

  3. i would the love the tami ring - vintage celluloid
    its beautiful!!

    email: alyssabubbleteax3@gmail(dot)com

  4. i tweeted about this giveaway!

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  5. i "Heart" cookoorikoo on etsy!

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  7. i follow you on twitter!

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  8. i am following you VIA GFC: Alyssa bubble tea

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  9. I'd love to own the green giant - silk yo-yo necklace with vintage sparkles.

    fastkat at gmail dot com

  10. i would the love the tami ring - vintage celluloid!