Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Photos from the Fourth and Fifth

Whew! This has been a fun, albeit crazy past couple of days. I was (and am) super sad that Jonathan is gone, but the amount of fun and shenanigans that happened on Monday and Tuesday made up for it and kept my mind off being sad. Whitney and I watched the Fourth of July parade while clad in rain gear, which was a good thing because we had gale force winds and sideways rain the entire time. Ketchikan people are troopers!

Here comes the parade!

Our very own Angie Taggart, Iditarod FINISHER!! We are so proud of her!!


Strickland on a very wet-looking ladder truck.

A guy dressed as a sockeye and Woodsy Owl!! Yay USFS!

After the parade Whitney and I headed to the Arctic, where we later met up with Gretchen and Terry. We stayed there for a long time and had a lot of fun. ;o)

Again, all of us are wearing Venture jackets!

Whitney had her first shot on the Fourth! Yummy kamikazes...

My third kind of shishkabob. I am a sucker for meat on a stick!

Heading to the Fish Pirate's for dinner. All I remember is that we had to cover Gretchen's butt because she wasn't wearing her rain pants.

Nazi pirates are scary!

Monday night I was actually at home in bed by 10pm. Yes, on the Fourth of July. After being out all day and eating way, way too much I was totally spent. At the Fish Pirate's I ate...a hamburger, french fries, some homemade potato chips, some steamer clams, two Lemon Drops, and an Alaskan Amber. Needless to say, I did not eat any more that day. I went home and got into bed and actually woke myself up around midnight-thirty from my stomach making such loud, waily noises while it was digesting all of that. I was cracking up because of how loud my stomach was. :o)

Tuesday I was a little tired. I had a hard time making it back to sleep after waking myself up with TumTum's noises (this is what my stomach is "talks" enough to have a name. Yeah.) and then Yellow Dog had to wake me up so he could go outside and pee sometime around 3am. So I was pretty tired and a little out of it when it was finally time for me to get up and around. I went to Safeway and made a giant salad and brought some smoked salmon from home, in an attempt to begin getting used to eating normally after days of junk food. I have eaten more meat in the past few days than I usually do in a whole month! (By meat I mean beef. I sometimes eat poultry, but I eat fish or seafood just about every day right now. YES.) Overall I ate healthy all day and was pretty proud of myself!

Pictures from Tuesday...

My La Sardina finally came in the mail!!!! Eeeee, it is awesome!!


Jessica called me up to come over so we (her, Jonas, and I) could all go for a walk in Tuesday's delightful weather and when I arrived at the house I was greeted by Mojo being weird. :o)

 Eagle, sans tiny hat.
(Okay. In Portland there are Jack in the Box billboards that feature an eagle wearing a tiny hat and I think it is so absurdly funny. So now I picture eagles wearing tiny hats.)

First blueberries of the year were found and enjoyed!!

Mr. Jonas even got some blueberries! The jury was out if he enjoyed them or not.

And that has been what has been going on the past couple of days. Rain! Wind! Alcohol and meat and other delicious bad-for-you things that should only be enjoyed in moderation! Cats! Blueberries! Babies! Eagles being majestic! My days are built of excitement.

Tonight's big plan is to go to Whitney's and watch several episodes of "America's Got Talent." I actually have a show outside of the Discovery Channel and National Geographic that I enjoy! Ketchikan is ruining me, media-wise. ;o)

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Fourth and ate lots of meat on sticks!

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