Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

Yippee! Happy Fourth of July! I am so happy to be back in Ketchikan for the Fourth because I love all the festivities. My friend Whitney and I are going to watch the parade, eat shishkabobs from the fire department, and then walk from the mall to downtown to get some exercise. We're already planning on raingear for the day, so I think we'll be ready for the weather!

The sad part about the day is that Jonathan leaves this morning. I have to drop him off on the 10:45am ferry. I wish he could have taken a later flight so that he could enjoy the festivities of the day, but there wasn't a flight that would have worked with his schedule to not get back into Portland super late at night since he has to work on Tuesday. It has been so, so awesome to have him and my dad here at the same time and I'm happy he enjoyed himself and got to do some cool stuff while he was here! Flying, fishing, ziplining, barbecues, and lots of friend time.

In super exciting news, I won a camera on eBay that I have been wanting! It's a Horizont, a Soviet-made camera made from 1967-1973. It takes super awesome panoramic photos, like the ones you can see here on Lomography's page and this Flickr group. This camera I bought does not have a viewfinder so my picture-taking will be a little interesting. ;o) It is being sent to me from the Ukraine so I won't actually get it for quite awhile still. Hopefully I get it before I go to Colorado, but I might not. Crossing fingers, though!

On Saturday night we all went out and realized us girls and Jonathan all have the same jacket! North Face's Venture jacket is obviously popular in Ketchikan. I know I bought it because it was the cheapest North Face shell that Tongass sold, so it's funny that we all have it! (Hi, Diana Mini on my lap!)

Saturday evening ended with Whitney and I eating a bunch of barbecued meat on a stick. It was SO good. We were getting a little silly.

What is everyone else doing for the Fourth? Are you enjoying having a three day weekend?


  1. You look so adorable in your rainjacket there! :)

  2. Happy Fourth to you! ... We are burning things in the front yard with giant displays on 3 are having a blast...and tomorrow...camping!

  3. Yay, thank you, Stina!

    Heedless, that sounds awesome! I would love to go camping sometime soon!