Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Eco-Friendly Find: Organic Cotton Leggings

I have been on a search for quite awhile for a pair of long leggings and a pair of shorter leggings made from organic cotton that didn't cost a ton of money. My friends, I have found them and they are wonderful!

Image from here.

I cannot tell you all how thrilled I was to find these leggings at Soul Flower. I had found a few other pairs of leggings and they were all in the $50 range, which is more than I wanted to pay for leggings. At the long pair being only $26 and the short pair being $24 I thought, "How good could these really be?" As soon as I got them and put them on I pretty much squealed in happiness! The leggings are 95% organic cotton grown in Peru and 5% spandex and they feel so wonderful! They aren't weirdly shiny and aren't see-through. They just feel nice. They're not too thick or too thin. I wore the long ones on last Saturday night's outing in sideways rain with a SmartWool skirt and a few layers on top and was downright cozy. I highly recommend these! Until the weather here lets up there is no chance of me wearing the short leggings, but they feel just as nice as the long ones do. I'm so happy to have found some well-priced clothing that's eco-friendly!

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