Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Amazing Adventures of Team Brittanathan!

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday! I know I usually have a Tuesday Giveaway but there was a little bit of a miscommunication and so no giveaway this week, but next week we should be back on schedule! Thank you for your support and patience! :o)

Jonathan and I have been doing some fun adventure stuff since he's been here. Yesterday we did the ziplining out at Southeast Exposure and then hiked the Perseverance trail. Here's a few ziplining photos:

Just got our lines set up. Ready to zip!

We climbed up the inside of the tower but we could have climbed it later.


Catch me, Jeb!

Yup, I'm pretty sure we managed to get the best day every for ziplining!

After ziplining we headed to the coffee shop and ate sandwiches. We were heading to the Perseverance Lake trail, but needed food first! We were wanting to get to the trail and start it sooner rather than later because I have been hearing about lots of recent bear activity on the trail and wanted to not be there when it was starting to get dark.

I had my Diana Mini strapped around me. :o)

Enjoying the new trail! It used to be almost totally boardwalk, which was a killer on my knees, so I've only done the trail a few times in my life. The new trail is almost all gravel, so it's perfect.

Made it! Perseverance is so pretty.

Baby trout hanging out.

Obligatory "yeah, we made it in the blazing sun and bugs!" photo.

Recent bear poop. This is why we weren't hanging out on the trail much.

After hiking we went home and relaxed for a bit and then went out to Murgen's for BBQ. A great day!

Tuesday morning we got up and headed out to meet my dad for breakfast. The plan was for all of us to go flying, but it didn't work out and my dad just took Jonathan, so I headed home to work on photo stuff. I got my Diana and Diana Mini photos back in the mail so I wanted to get them online and tag them and do all of that fun stuff, so unloading Jonathan onto my dad for a bit was fine. ;o) They had a great time and got to see more goats! I'm jealous! Jonathan has seen more goats in two flights than I have probably seen total. After my dad dropped him back off at the house we took a nap and then headed out for a few hours of fishing!

Fishing went even better than it could have. The past few times I've been fishing I haven't caught anything, but this time was different! We had literally *just* gotten all three of the lines in the water and my dad had *just* started to put his rain pants on when *boom!* Fish on the line! Ten minutes into fishing! So we scurried around and got the other two lines back in the water and Jonathan got a quick lesson in bringing the fish in.

Doing a great job!

Yeah! Jonathan's first fish! (I love that you can see my dad's face peeking around J's arm.)

 I drove the skiff almost the whole time. Whee!

Fish #2! This guy was nice-sized! Mid-20s pounds is what we're guessing.

Our haul at the end of being out! Only an hour and a half of fishing! I caught the final fish, which is the one Jonathan is holding in his left hand. Badass! I am kinda bummed that I didn't get a picture with my fish and just got a picture with the little salmon, but that's fine. I'm so proud of Jonathan for his first fishing trip!

And now it is Wednesday and I have to go to work today. I'm going to try and see if I can take tomorrow off so we can walk around downtown and relax, since both of my days off we were still doing something, but if not that's fine. I'm just happy we have been having such an awesome time while Jonathan is here!!


  1. that ziplining looks like so much fun! I've always wanted to go but wonder if I'd freak at the last minute. what a beautiful day.

  2. It was an absolutely gorgeous day!! In the 70s. It was the best day to be in the trees because the amount of shade made it the perfect temperature. You should totally go ziplining sometime! It's so fun!!