Monday, June 6, 2011

To Anchorage and Beyond!

Sorry this post is a little late. I flew to Anchorage on Sunday night to visit my mom! I haven't seen her in two years, so I have been pretty excited for this trip. As I write this out on my phone we are driving to Seward.

Isn't this pretty in the Anchorage airport? It looks like the aurora borealis!

I got to Anchorage around 10pm and took a picture of how bright it still was outside so I could show Jonathan.

This is how bright it was at midnight. Land of the Midnight Sun, people!

This morning we went and picked up Winnie from being worked on. Isn't she cute?!

Whee! About to depart on our adventure! Seward-bound!

So flat out there...

Lots of pretty, snowy mountains!

As I write this we are currently about half an hour from Seward. We're going to go to the Sea Life Center tomorrow morning. I can't wait to go there because it's been about 15 years since I was there last!

Signing out now as I don't have much battery life left. I hope everyone is having a good Monday!


  1. looks awesome! I would love to visit Alaska some day, have a great trip!

  2. yay for the sea life center!! i need to go there before i move....

    don't forget to drop by sweet darlings and have some of their killer fudge :)

  3. Have fun! Mom visits are the best! We're loving the midnight sun thing up here in Nome too. It was still very light when I went to bed last night at 1pm.

  4. Tara, it is so funny you just posted because I was JUST catching up on your blog! Sadie's shoes are sooo cute and sorry to hear you had a rough day! Mom visits are way awesome. I'm super excited that the only plans we have today are eating out for lunch and then I'm meeting with one of my twitter friends tonight! I am kinda museum-ed out. We have gone to a museum every day but today. It's nice to just sit on the couch and recharge since I am usually so busy!

  5. Wow..I never saw a picture of the midnight sun before there... I still love the soap!! Java Mocha!