Thursday, June 2, 2011

200th Blog Birthday Post: Week Recap!

Woo woo wooo! It's my 200th blog post! I shall celebrate by doing what I came here to do anyway, which is posting a blog of pictures I've taken in the past week.


On Wednesday of last week I got my new kayaking PFD in the mail! Stohlquist's BetSEA is totally awesome and I looove it! (Imagine that last part being sung in a falsetto voice.)


On Thursday my friend Sharron came into the store and gifted me three jars of ink for nature printing!

Also on Thursday I received a box of lots of essential oils for making soap with! These are all 4oz bottles. I cracked several of them open and got a good whiff. Yummy!


On Friday I was craving Annabelle's smoked salmon fettucini. I was going to go to Annabelle's by myself, but then Brandee called me and a group of ladies went. So much fun!

Jonathan decided to set up our big tent in the living room. Halo Cat's face totally looks like she's pleading, "Mom, please send help! I don't know why Dad is doing this!!"


My soon-to-be kayak! Still deciding on a name.

I was so cold at the house on Saturday night that I decided to build my first fire in the fireplace.


Giant bag of Swedish Fish obtained from Brian. Crazy face is in effect. Whoa.

 Another lovely sunset! Thank you, airborne particulates (either from the Icelandic volcano or forest fires from up north), for providing us with such colorful sunsets right now!


PomPug-sat Ada, who is hilarious. We were playing the "don't make eye contact with each other" game, which led to this picture.


Came to work to find a king salmon filet waiting for me from Tim! Thank you!!

My "decoration" at the house. A foam float I found and a raven feather in a Hi-Ball bottle. Fancy.

Got to see 22Delta up close for the first time in awhile! I can't wait to go flying this week!

Another gorgeous sunset!

And that has been the last week of my life! Very fun and busy. This week my dad and I will be flying and fishing a lot and then next week I'll be visiting my mom. I love that I will get to spend so much time with both parents in two weeks! I love my life! I hope everyone is having a great and adventurous week, as well!


  1. I have a hi-ball bottle in my window too. And I've only drank it one time and felt like I needed to bring it all the way back from California. Wow, such bottle in the window twins.

  2. That is the cutest little fireplace!! That is also the biggest bag of swedish fish I've ever seen.
    Also, Ada is adorable!!

  3. Yeah, I think that is the WalMart-sized bag of Swedish Fish! Brian got it and then ate most of it and gave it to me and I had pigged out on quite a few of them, but I think they made me break out. Lesson learned!!

    Ada is hilarious! She would get along great with Josie and Penny!!

  4. I LOVE this post!!! My favorite is the Sweedish Fish picture. Ha. I get that excited about them too!!

  5. I realize I spelled 'Swedish' wrong. What a wang!

  6. Ha ha ha! Sveeeedish Feesh! ;o) I was on massive sugar overload in the car. AWESOME.