Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Camping Trip of the Year!

Sunday night was the first camping trip of the year! Huzzah! I went to the Signal Creek Campground with Myurgen and had a great time! I ended up getting there at almost 10pm and had to get up to work on Monday morning, so I didn't camp for very long, but still got to hang out around the campfire for a few hours and got to meet some fun new people. It was so fun!

The usual "I'm in my tent! I'm camping!!" photo.

Um, yeah, camping is serious texting business.

Lap chips.

I put Frank on the very front of the tent but it's kinda hard to see her. Myrna looks confused. We have decided this is pre-coffee.

Very impressive tinder stacking! Nicely done!

For the first camping trip of the year I'd give it two thumbs up, but I would have given it more thumbs (one can always have more thumbs) if I would have been at the campground longer than ten hours. ;o) I am super happy to say that my ThermaRest ProLite Plus was SO AWESOME at being comfortable and warm! It was the first time I'd used it outside and it worked great. I would highly recommend it!

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