Monday, February 28, 2011

A Weekend in Pictures

This was another weekend with lots of opportunities to take pictures. I was pretty busy with both running errands and doing homework a lot of the time, but also found the opportunity to relax for while, too.


 Nermal, my seamstress' cat, who apparently likes backs!


I bought a bread machine on Craigslist and set it up Friday night. The first loaf was done when I was asleep and Jonathan was awake, so he bundled it for me. This is what I woke up to. :o)

Fuego de Lotus, one of the food carts at D Street Noshery. I got an arepa from them. WOW!

My arepa, which is a Venezualan street food. Mahi mahi was delicious!

"Bad news, everyone. The Soup Guy is on a mythical quest to track down his spirit animal and to gain its totemic power. Anyway, that eventually takes a while, so there will be no soup today or tomorrow!"

I made Parmesan garlic black pepper bread. Freakin' good, oh man.

I spread a little bit of this on that PGP bread. This cheese has won awards!

One of the other things that happened this weekend is I got my pictures developed from my Diana from last year. Yeah, I'm a bad photographer. :oP But the important part is they are developed and I also bought an all-in-one so now I have a nice color scanner! So here's a few pictures I took last year, but you can see the rest of the pictures here.


Made some yummy homemade hummus!

(I also finished final papers for two classes on Sunday! YEAH!)

Tell me about your weekend! Did you do anything exciting?


  1. You're a hero! That's a lot of stuff you did! :D
    Love the Diana photos!! And the soup guy note is fantastic!! Hahaha.
    Ben's really hoping J comes when you do, although he knows we'll have a great time either way & understands about work.

  2. The first pic is so cute. One of my kitties loves sitting on my shoulders, too.