Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My First Interview! The Lovely Megan Monique...

I gotta say. I'm pretty darn excited. I got to interview my friend Megan Monique, Pixie of Fabulousness and All That Is Amazing. (I'm pretty sure this is her actual title.) Megan is a life coach who exudes passion, positivity, and is all-around wonderful. I love talking to her and always feel a little bit better after we've spoken. She has a new online course lined up right now, called Desperately Seeking Passion. Registration closes on Sunday, so if you're interested contact her now!

When did you first realize you were good at helping people?
I don't think there was ever an ah-ha moment for me in that area- I've been helping people my whole life. It's a gift I was born with. As I've gotten older I've began to take notes on what people come to me most for. Those patterns are the keys to where we are most able to serve.   
What prompted the thought that you wanted to do it as a career?
I suck as an employee. This is something I just came to terms with recently after hearing many of my entrepreneur role-models state the same. Looking back over my other jobs, I always wanted to do things my way, on my time. That obviously doesn't work for most companies. Working for myself has always been a dream of mind, but it wasn't until last year that I started to own exactly what I could do for my own business- loving people just seems like my best option. It makes me and others feel good.   
What do you think you'd be doing if you were not being a life coach?
If I wasn't a Life Illuminator, I would own a nursery and take lots of classes that allow me to learn more about myself and plants. I love the greenery and what not. Makes me happy.   
Despite seeming so positive all the time, you're a real person. What do you do when you're having a bad day?
Ah yes, bad days. I tend to go inward, into my cave. When I am over pouting about feeling crappy, I talk about it to my support group (you know, those girlfriends that are there for you through anything and everything). That, and I write- get all of it out of me. Soon, it passes and all is well. However, there is always something for me to learn in those moments. I try to watch myself as much as possible. I am my own closest observer.   
What do you think is one thing that we could all do every day that would have the biggest impact on making us feel awesome and, in turn, hopefully spread the awesome feeling?
Keep the promises we make to ourselves. We are our most valuable assets. The promises we make to ourselves to be nicer, kinder, exercise, eat better, skip the soda, drop the back-talk - it all matters. It all contributes to how we be. If we keep the promises we make to ourselves the world is a lot happier place.   
And a couple silly questions, for the heck of it:  
If you could meet anyone in the world, living or dead, who would it be?
Sarah Jessica Parker or Leonardo DeCaprio - I love them both.    
If you could live anywhere, where would you want to live?
Arizona or Greece - hopefully both in this lifetime! 

A big THANK YOU to Megan for answering my questions! Before I met her, I had no clue what a life coach really did, but I definitely see the benefit to having someone like Megan to talk to. :o)

If you're not able to take her Desperately Seeking Passion course right now, but are definitely interested, her Life Illumination Coaching has all the information you need to know!

P.S. Update!! There is a Buddy Pass option! Because everybody has a buddy, right? You and a buddy can split the cost of the course and everybody wins. Only $34.50 apiece, so this is a steal!

P.P.S. I am not receiving anything for sharing Megan's awesomeness with you, except the good feeling of passing along information from a wonderful person. (Okay, and sparkles. I am receiving sparkles.)


  1. Thanks so much for having me dawling! XO

  2. Her real title is LoveMuffin Extraordinaire!! And she is absolutely great at removing mental blocks and getting things moving. Best of luck to both of you!!