Thursday, February 3, 2011

Portland Fruit Tree Project

I meant to look into this last year, but was so busy that I ended up forgetting about it. (Oops.) Has anyone here in Portland volunteered with the Portland Fruit Tree Project?

Basically, you help pick fruit for people who own trees and who aren't able to get the fruit themselves or maybe it's too much fruit for their family. Half of the fruit goes to the fruit-pickers and the other half goes to local food pantries, often in need of fresh food. It sounds pretty neat and I like the idea! Definitely going to check it out this year.

If you're not in Portland, do you have something like this where you live? Have you done it? This is when I wish I knew how to can!


  1. Um, canning party! I know how and I have equipment!

  2. That would be super awesome! I will keep that in mind if I am back in Portland in time to do it. That's the only thing that would keep me back!