Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Personalized Phone Case and Heater Buddy

Good morning, my friends! Short post today. I have been spending a lot of time in the past couple of days working mostly on statistics homework, but also some of the other class stuff I have to do. SO exciting, I know. I got the exam results back from my statistics midterm yesterday and I wasn't real excited with the grade I got, so I need to spend more time on it. I just want to pass!

Yesterday I was looking online at iPhone cases and I came across these Case-Mate cases, where you could have your photo put onto a phone case. It wasn't very much and I read reviews and people seemed happy with the case. (I got the Tough Mate case because I want something to really protect my phone.) I used a picture that I took last summer at Refuge Cove beach in Ketchikan. It's one of my favorite pictures and it really makes me happy because it was so GORGEOUS that day! I uploaded my picture, sized it correctly, was able to find a 20% off custom cases coupon (customcase20), and got free shipping! My case ended up being $32 and this morning I woke up to a shipping notification. WOW.

This is what my case will look like. Yes, it is a horizontal photo that will be vertical. I'm fine with it. I will be looking at my phone going, "YES." (I don't know what those glowy spots are, but since they're not actually on my case preview I'm not worried. Just kinda odd.)

Tonight I'm going to my friend Andi's new house for the first time, so that should be fun. I wish Jonathan and I were renting a house! We'll be looking into it later, but that won't be for some time, so for now I just dream. :o)

I leave you with a photo of Halo and Heater Buddy, BFFs.

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