Monday, February 21, 2011

No Witty or Good Title Today (But A Good Weekend, Yes)

This was a good weekend! Plus, I have today off, so that is double excellent.

On Saturday I dressed like a stereotypical Portlander to go meet Holly on Hawthorne so we could walk around and shop.

Will I ever stop thinking in Portland stereotypes? I got my jeggings tucked into my brown boots, I've got my scarf, and I've got a bird pin. What more do I need?

Holly and I headed to Hawthorne and got in a good walk. It was so sunny and warm out! Too bad that meant there was a gazillion people on Hawthorne. We didn't go everywhere we'd wanted to go because the shops were filled with SO many people. I did get some awesome earrings at Presents of Mind, though!

It's weird to see my hair from the side. I never know what it looks like. Apparently, it looks like that! Okay! I totally love these earrings. They're huge, but they're really light. The guy that makes them works at Presents of Mind. His name is Alex and he makes cool jewelry. You should stop by and check his pieces out!

We headed to North after our walk because Seth was working and he said he'd buy Holly and I some beer. Well, "some" beer ended up being "all" beer and I finally left the bar around midnight-ish. Not to sound like a lush! It's mostly just the hanging out that's fun. :o)

 Who is the guy behind us? What is he looking at so earnestly?

Sunday morning Jonathan and I got up bright and early and ran some errands. I took him to ZoomCare to get his shoulder checked out. Because I've been doing his chores since his shoulder has been hurt, he took me to the Blue Pig, where I enjoyed a giant bowl of corn and squash chowder and a yummy salad. Afterward we headed to REI, because I have been wanting The North Face's Osito jacket. They had my size and I was happy! It's made of furry material. It feels like I'm wearing a stuffed animal. It's so awesome. ;o)

After REI we had just pulled back up to the house when Emily texted me and said I should come by her house and watch her and her hubby make some homebrew! We actually hadn't met in person until today but she is just as awesome in person as I knew she would be! We had a great time and she sent me home with a bottle of their Goddess brew. I was nice enough to share it with Jonathan after we went grocery shopping. He earned it, I think!

You can kinda see that my jacket is furry. Mmmm...furry jacket and beer!

I made a dinner from scratch for the first time in what seems like a lifetime. I haven't cooked much lately because of being so busy for school, but I whipped out this super-tasty recipe after seeing it in my new Real Simple magazine that morning - Pasta Carbonara with Spicy Sausage. It turned out deliciously! We had bought some local sausage from Junction City at the co-op and it is THE best sausage I have ever eaten. Ever.

I also prepped for tomorrow's crockpot recipe, also from the new issue of Real Simple. I'll be making the White Bean Soup with Andouille and Collards. Pretty excited to be making new recipes!

I leave you now with the most cutey-woo picture of Mr. Snarfles. He is such a good dog. :o)

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  1. ooo i got a furry jacket for my birthday! it's awesome :) glad you had a great weekend.