Friday, January 21, 2011

Things I'm loving lately: locks and keys

It's no secret that I love locks and keys. Heck, my biggest tattoos are of locks and keys!

Right leg

Left leg

This is right after I got them done in 2007, hence the shininess and general peely-looking qualities. They are still just as bright, though! I take care of them. I can't believe I don't have any other relatively clear pictures of them. Sheesh, Brittany!

(FACT: My knees are connected in the wrong place. Most people's knees have a 9% rotation, but mine have a 20% rotation.)

While I don't know what draws me to them (although the notions of secrecy and strength I do like), I know that many people feel the same as I do!

I love this hoodie from Alder Patch Art! (Made in Alaska! Bonus points!)

Thanks for checking out another Friday's Things I'm Loving Lately! What are you loving lately?

P.S. My lovely pen pal Stina just posted a picture on her blog this morning of some necklaces she'll hopefully be taking to the Got Craft market. She has a lovely key necklace! While these necklaces aren't listed in her Etsy store, she does have other jewelry that is just as fabulous. Check it out!


  1. I love locks and keys too! I have been considering getting a skeleton key tattoo for a long time. Back when I still had an etsy shop, it was all jewelry made of antique skeleton keys and escutcheons. I still have loads of them. In fact, I should wear one of my necklaces today :) Thanks for the inspiration. Also, your tattoos are gorgeous. I never knew you had those!

  2. yay for made in alaska! :)

    that double strand necklace is so gorgeous (as are your tattoos)!

  3. I am a big fan of keys too. I have just the one gold key necklace but if my budget allowed I would have so many more. It's always the first thing that catches my eye in an accessory rack... I think my obsession started when I watched the first HP movie. Ahhh, keys :)

    You could totally diy a version of the Opulent Oddities necklace. I dare ya to try it :)

  4. Jebby, thank you! I think you should totally get a skeleton key tattoo. We can be key twins. ;o) I never have pictures of my bare legs, so no one ever knows I have big calf tattoos!

    Stephanie, I just emailed you!

    Ebony, I know that I could definitely make my own version of the OO necklace but I don't have the time. Maybe if I just bought all the supplies and then every night when I came home I attached five keys it would be done in a month or something. Baby steps. ;o)

  5. i love keys also! your tattoos are beautiful. :::

  6. I've adored keys since seeing The Secret Garden on Broadway as a kid!

  7. Oh, my gosh, I used to love that book! I forgot about it!