Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My super awesome life and things I'm excited about. What better name for a post?!

What a great last couple of days! I really cannot complain. I love when life just works out, you know?

On Sunday when I was out running errands I realized the car was making a squeaka-squeaka-squeaka noise on the rear right side when I was braking. It was pretty consistent, so I knew I needed to take it in and have it checked out. The brakes are new as of September, so I was really hoping something wasn't too terribly wrong. I dropped the car off at PDX Automotive on Monday morning and Artoo and I walked home. In the afternoon I got a call from them and they said they couldn't find anything wrong, but I did have some crud built up in some areas around my brakes, so they cleaned it up, just in case. Monday evening Jonathan and I walked back to pick it up and they didn't charge us anything! Since we'd gotten the brakes done by them not too long ago they were happy to just clean everything up and call it good. What a RELIEF to not have a big bill! I was expecting to be charged at least an hour's worth of labor. Nope! We have always had nothing but good experiences with PDX Automotive and it's reasons like these that make me refer them to people. They are awesome and we really appreciate them!

On Monday afternoon I held LADYPARTY, where I invited some girlfriends over to hang out and drink wine and eat yummy food with me. Most ladies invited had to work on Monday, but I still got to see Amy and Nicolle! We polished off all of the food and had some, shall I say, interesting conversations. (Garbage can comparisons! Japanese kitty porn!) It was SO awesome to see them both and can't wait until the next LADYPARTY!

 The munchies I put together!

 Halo really was curious about all the food on the table. Sorry, kitty!

I am super excited about something that Jonathan and I decided this weekend. We are both taking the last week of April off and had been debating going to stay for a few nights either in Hood River or at the Sylvia Beach Hotel, outside Newport. Well, we decided this weekend on the Sylvia Beach Hotel! I am SO excited!! I have been wanting to stay at the hotel for two years now and now it's finally going to happen! The SBH is awesome because each room is decorated in the theme of a certain author (I am hoping to stay in the Poe or Hemingway room), there are hotel cats (HOTEL! CATS!), and is located pretty centrally so we will be able to go to the Newport Aquarium, be right smack-dab on the beach, and hang out at the Historic Bayfront, where we can tourist-watch from my favorite bar in Newport, which reminds me a lot of my favorite bar in Ketchikan (the Arctique, as I call it). So, yeah, preeeetty excited! The weather should be pretty nice then, too.

I tried a new recipe last night that turned out AWESOME! It's Salmon Mac & Cheese and it turned out cheesey, salmony, and so, so good. I'd say my first time making homemade mac and cheese was a win! I'll have pictures up on the fan page picture section tomorrow, probably, in case anyone wants to check them out.

 YUM. Crunchy, salmony, cheesey goodness.

I am so excited because I had placed an order with Talulah Skincare and it comes in today! I have been having breakout problems since October and have tried several other natural lines and tried different things and nothing has worked. The first time I went into Camellia Pure Beauty the gal mentioned how awesome Talulah was and then I did some research and I knew I'd eventually want to try it. A few weeks ago I was ready! I ended up ordering their sample size acne kit and after trying it for a few days I knew I wanted full size versions of the products. I like Talulah because their products are all natural, organic, holistic, and full of herbs and other planty goodness. They all smell amazing, too. The products used to be made here in Portland, but now the company is based on the east coast. I would have bought these products at Camellia but I'm on Talulah's newsletter list and they said they'd send a full size bottle of Alchemy Healing Aromatherapy Mist on orders over $100, so I ordered from them this time, but I will normally be buying the products from Camellia, which is in an easy biking distance from me. (I heart you, Camellia!) If anyone is looking for a natural skincare line that smells great I would highly recommend Talulah!

 We call this "long range pug stalking" here in the Fortress of Joy.

"Mooommmm...what are you dooing? Please stop." Note the foot tucked in the armpit.

Okay, this post is long enough! I hope perhaps a couple of you managed to read it all. If not, I guess I learned my lesson in getting excited and writing long posts. ;o)


  1. I read it....all! :o) Glad to hear you've had some fun this week! Love that second picture of Artoo! So much is said by that wonderful expression on his face!


  2. I know! He looks so embarrassed!