Monday, January 24, 2011

80's wear, pulled pork nachos, jeggings, and an Alaska party. Just another great weekend!

This was another great weekend! I feel like the past month of weekends has just been more awesome lately. I have been in such a good mood. Maybe it's because I'm taking my vitamins. Maybe it's because I'm eating well. Maybe it's because I have such a gosh darn sunshiney outlook on life. (Are you barfing yet?) Whatever it is, I hope it continues!

The weekend started with receiving this in the mail:

I know you are SO excited to find out what it is, so I will tell you. My friend Mariah sent me a dress to wear to the 80's prom party I'm going to next weekend. It. Is. Spectacular.


On Saturday I had an appointment at 12:30pm and ended up taking WAY longer than it should have. I didn't leave the office until 2:30pm. I was supposed to go bike-riding with Amy but it got to be way too late. Sad! Since Amy and I rescheduled our ride for Sunday, Jonathan and I decided to go to  Breakside Brewery. They had just mentioned on their Facebook fan page that morning that thieves broke in in the night and stole their safe! So we wanted to go support them. We had been meaning to go there anyway, but now seemed like a good time go. My friends, if you live in Portland, Breakside is AWESOME! Let me show you a picture...

Pulled pork nachos and their Double IPA. Yeah, pretty much amazing.

After leaving Breakside we went to the Levi's store so I could shop for some jeans. I was amazed. I haven't gone jeans shopping in several years. I did not know that there are jeans out there for short, curvy girls that are actually flattering! I took the Levi's Curve ID test online (yes, I did) and found out I am a Demi Curve. We went to the store, where I told the girl I was a Demi Curve (I feel weird typing that) and she set me up with some jeans to try on and also told me that all of the clearance jeans were an additional 50% off. My goodness! So I tried on some skinny jeans (that I never thought in my life I could wear) and some jeggings. JEGGINGS, PEOPLE. I ended up getting three pairs of jeans for $99. Two of the pairs were on clearance and were only $20. No lie. So then I didn't feel too bad about paying full price for one pair.

Jeggings on Brittany. Not so bad as previously believed.

Needless to say, I am absolutely thrilled to find jeans that my butt looks hot in, don't gap weirdly in the back, have a comfortable waist, and aren't too long. I've almost never in my entire adult life bought pants that I could wear right away and not have them tailored. 'Tis a miracle.

Saturday night Jonathan and I went to North for our friend Gina's birthday party. The big 3-0! We had such a great time! I saw people I haven't seen in ages! (INCLUDING BENNA. BEN, THIS IS YOUR SHOUT-OUT!)

 Team Brittanathan representin' at North on Saturday night. Holla!

It's the obligatory "Alaskans!" photo that happens at North when a bunch of us get together. :o) When the call of "Let's get all the Alaskans together for a picture!" rings out, well, you better get in the picture.

Sunday was a good day. I took a nice bike ride with Amy and burned about 700 calories, according to my heart rate monitor. It was probably good to burn off some calories from the mixed drinks and beer I drank on Saturday night. ;o) After our bike ride I got my hair cut by Tia and am now completely back to my natural color. It's crazy! My hair is so "dark" to me, only because I've been bleaching it for about five years. Picture of natural hair color to come. It's kind of a dark blonde color. It turns really red when I'm in the sun for awhile, though, so now I'm looking forward to summer!

I got home and took a nap then did homework while Jonathan cleaned and made dinner. After a couple of hours of doing homework I was ready to relax! I did my usual Sunday facial and took a bath. I love having my Sunday relaxation routine. I feel like it really does a good job of relaxing me and putting me in the right mindset for the new workweek ahead.

And that, my friends, is my tale of another good, satisfying weekend. What did you do?


  1. How tall are you Brittany? I'm 5'3"-ish and don't really have a problem with hems so I'm curious how tall (or rather how short :o) you are. I love being short though. It makes me, me!

    Loved the jeggings as well as the sequined dress, perfect for your 80's party and such a pretty color! It fits you really well and you look great in it! :o)

    This weekend K, H and I went to a town an hour north of us and explored some new stores. Mainly hunting, outdoor and surplus stores, it was fun!


  2. I'm exactly five feet tall! If I were 5'3" I wouldn't have a problem with pants, but I am just short enough that even "short" inseams are usually 30" and that's still too long.

    I am glad the dress mostly fits! It's kind of gappy in the back and it would fit a little bit better if I had a belt, but I'm just glad I was able to borrow something and not have to spend money on a dress I was going to wear once.

  3. Ah! You know, now that I think of it, I don't know exactly how tall I am. I've always thought 5'3", but I can't remember when I was measured!

    Yes, it is nice to be able to borrow something instead of buying! Hope you have an awesome time!