Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Blog Loves

My shoes I wore yesterday. I love them!

I have been up out of bed since 6:53am. On Saturday. Awake since god-knows-when. My dearest darling kitty was being a BUTT and woke me up by her yowling. She didn't stop and I finally got up, only to see her talking to her Heater Friend (as seen by the pictures in this post). I gave her some food and loves and snuggles and she STILL yowled for two hours. She finally quit a little after 9am. So I have been up, drinking some coffee, and working on my blog and the coffee shop's Etsy store.

While I have been online, I kept running across extra good blog posts from other people and finally realized I had many I wanted to share, so here they are!

*Alaskans Don't Care if Their Feet Look Funny by Tara of Making a Good Life...One Day at a Time. I have known Tara for many years. Her and her family live up in Nome, Alaska, now. I totally love this blog post because it mentions the different kind of footwear that one is apt to see in Alaska. When she talks about XtraTufs, yes, this is totally true. Typical Alaska party scene:

*Also along the lines of XtraTufs, this super fabulous article talks about the "Sole of Alaska - the XtraTuf Story." If there is ONE thing you do this Saturday, let it be clicking on that link to look at the pictures of the different ways males and females wear Tuffies!

*This post at Sidewalk Shoes about 360 Vodka. Eco-friendly vodka that comes in a gorgeous bottle with a porcelain lid? Be still my beating heart!

*The thing I am loving today that is keeping me awake and giving me a positive outlook on being up so early on a Saturday is my coffee shop's January coffee special, Honduras Carruchil. It's $7.99lb for the rest of the month (so basically only a few days). It is SO good! LOTS of flavor!

*Last, but not least, everyone should be checking out the KetchiCams on a regular basis. Today in Ketchikan is gorgeous!!

Today's plans are to bust out three papers for my Anthropology of Food & Nutrition class, return some moccasin slippers to Target because they were the wrong size, hopefully start some homebrew, and tonight Jonathan and I are going to Mt Tabor Veterinary Care's holiday party! The theme is 80's prom and it's going to be awesome!

May I remind you of the dress I shall be wearing tonight?

Oh, yeah, baby!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I know I shall be!

Edit: Another story about XtraTufs has been found! "The Alaska State Shoe" contains even MORE Tuffie goodness! Also, if I had $227 to spend on shoes, I would LOVE OMG a pair of Romney Dodd's painted Danskos! Specifically, the Alaska Stars 50's Anniversary ones. Size 36, please!


  1. You look disco-licious! I suspect you will have super sparkly special fun times in that dress. I have to get caught up on all my favorite blogs (B first!), offline too much lately. Have fun tonight!

  2. Ha ha! Why thank you! ;o) I am thinking that how could I NOT have super sparkly fun times tonight! Jonathan is going to go to a vintage clothing store and see what he can find.

  3. oh my god. an 80's prom theme party? That is going to be fabulicious! And your sparkly dress it wonderful! I love, love, LOVE your picture of all the xtratufs together. Ahhhh it makes me miss southeast though! :)

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