Sunday, January 30, 2011

Homebrew Success!

Well, truthfully, I'm not sure if it's a success yet and won't know for a few more weeks, but I am certainly happy to get this far! My dad gave me a homebrew kit for my birthday in 2009 and it took me this long to use it. I needed a proper pot to brew in, but my friend let me borrow his pot, so I decided on Saturday that it was my mission! (You may have already seen these photos last night on Facebook or Flickr.)

 Homebrew makin' supplies

 Mmmm...flaked wheat.


 Watching the grains steep.

 HOPS. Only my most favorite thing in the world. I can't wait to make an IPA!!!! I am going to make a beer that is 110IBUs. (Okay, maybe not really, but you know what I mean!)

 Mmmm...hefe sludge.

 I used this mixture. It smelled good! I love wheat beer!

 I drank a hefe while I brewed my hefe.

 Pouring the extract into the wort

 Pouring the hops into the wort

 Mmmm...hoppie hops.

 The wort had to boil for an hour.

 Straining everything into my carboy

 Taking the specific gravity

 I used these yeasties.

 Success! And the carboy is sitting next to me as I type this and it is bubbling! HUZZAH!

I have a towel wrapped around it to keep light off of it. I was really nervous that this wasn't going to work because the yeast hasn't been refrigerated and since my dad gave me this kit in December, 2009, I didn't know if they'd still be alive, but I guess they are! It didn't even take that long for everything to start bubbling. I am impressed and excited.

More beer news to come! Woo hoo!

P.S. Jonathan took a video of bubbles in the carboy's airlock. THRILLING!

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