Monday, January 31, 2011

Prom pictures, housecleaning, and homework

Wow, what a weekend!

 I think Jonathan and I looked pretty fabulous.

There was a lot of singing, a lot of dancing, and a lot of yummy food. Plus, Krissy's two cute whippets were in attendance!

 Lou, who got smoochied

And Delilah, who wasn't always certain about all the people

I did mention the dancing, right? You can't keep "Come On, Eileen" from these ladies!

By the end of the night I was totally pooped from dancing. There were some pretty fabulous outfits. We even had prom pictures taken with an official backdrop and everything, but those pictures will be posted later, once I get them. I'm pret-ty excited to see how ours turned out!

Krissy, Delilah (dancing), and I. Oh, good times!

I was supposed to go for a bike ride with Amy on Sunday, but I had zero energy for riding bikes. I ended up doing homework and housecleaning for awhile, then watched a few shows on the Wii.

Jonathan and I watched Paper Clips, which, if you want a movie that will make you cry all the way through, this is it. It's a documentary about a group of students in rural Tennessee in 2004 who started learning about the Holocaust and about learning tolerance towards all kinds of people. It was really inspiring to listen to people talk about their prejudices and then get over it and move forward. There were talks by Holocaust survivors. It was intense. I cried all the way through.

We also watched the first episode of "Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State." History has always been really interesting to me and to watch shows about this horrible, horrible thing that happened in our fairly recent history is fascinating. We all learn in school in America about our side of World War II, so to see footage and historical facts about life in other parts of the war that was not "our" side is really moving. Seeing the terrible things that have been done to people is horrible. I would hope we can learn from our mistakes. Tolerance and love for other people is not such a bad thing, hard as it can be sometimes. I'm not perfect and I definitely judge people, but watching stuff like this definitely makes me think about things.

In happier news, the beer is bubbling up a storm! It is constantly bubbling now! If we turn the dehumidifier off I can hear it from the living room. I can't wait until it stops and we can bottle it. SO excited!

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I'd love to read people's weekend posts and hear about what you did!

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