Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's Halo Cat Tuesday! Also featuring guest kitties, Artoo, and baby chicks.

I'd just like to take a moment for Yoda. He was a well-loved cat owned by Jonathan's parents. He was a lovely orange kitty and had a wonderful personality. He was very chatty and liked to give head butts. He lived on their land out in the country outside Eugene. He went missing last Saturday and after a day or two Jonathan's mom emailed me and let me know and hoped that he hadn't gotten hurt or had been killed by a coyote. She emailed me yesterday to update me that she asked one of their neighbours if he'd seen an orange cat and he told her he was hit by a car and that he buried him. This makes me so sad. I'm crying while I type this. I've known Yoda for almost exactly three years and I loved him.

I took two photos of him with my Diana last summer:

 Yoda, keeper of the yard and greeter of visitors.

He's by Jonathan's feet in this picture. We were walking around the field and he was following us around and taking little dirt baths when the sun got too hot.

Rest in peace, my little kitty friend. I'm so glad I got to know you.

Okay, now to stop crying I'm going to post some pictures of Halo taken over the past week. She is such a goofball sometimes.

 Crazy Cat Face demands gravy!
(She always licks the gravy off her food and then, even though her bowl might have food in it, whines because there is "noooo graaaavveeee" on the food. Rough life, I'm sure.)

Crazy Cat Face also demands home fries when there is no gravy to be had!

 Trying to get a nice picture of us but she only has eyes for food on the counter.

 She almost like a real life Popple sometimes.

 Artoo has always liked to sit with his back legs between his front legs. He'll sit and watch me make food in the kitchen like this with a super sad face. He is vaguely worried in this picture because he didn't know what Jonathan was "doing" to him.

 The ol' "stretch 'n' yawn" routine

 On Saturday we went to the Urban Farm Store and they had baby chicks! They were so cute!

This time the shop cats were snuggling right on top of the candle-making products. Wherever is comfy when you're a cat I guess, right?

So, anyway, that's what's going on in MY corner of the internet. Cats! Dogs! Chickens! More cats!


  1. oh my gosh, I love these animals! So sorry to hear about yoda, he looks like he was a beautiful friendly kitty. I love the way your pug sits, got us giggling here at the shop!

  2. I love little grumpy old lady Halo face! Give me gravy NOW!

    I'm so sorry about Yoda :( It's very sweet that the neighbor buried him though. Poor little guy.

  3. New Duds: Yes, Yoda was so sweet! He was such a nice cat. He was an indoor-outdoor cat, but mostly preferred to be outside, so my boyfriend's dad built him a little bed with a heating lamp outside so he could have a warm place to sleep when it was cold out. He was so loved.

    Artoo sits like this all the time! It is so funny to see. Sometimes his front legs will be more to his sides and it looks so dorky. His tail will be just-so, too. I remember when he first started doing it as a puppy I thought he'd grow out of it, but he never did!

    Renai: Yeah, the people in the area around the family's house are really nice people. I've never met tham and you can't see them because the plots are so huge so he must have made it fairly far. I'm glad the neighbour buried him, too. Ugh, SO sad. :o(

  4. I can't wait until spring when I can raise baby chicks again!

  5. Ohhh, do you feel my jealousy? Do you feel it? :o) I can't wait until we rent a house with a yard! I have so many plans. Bees, chickens, a garden, a fire pit...the list goes on!

  6. I'm sad for Yoda. and Yoda's family and friends. :(