Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fresh hair, the Fremont Bridge, and a level 48 dwarf huntress.

About to drive over the Fremont Bridge this weekend. My favorite bridge!

It's Wednesday, huzzah! I'm so glad it's Wednesday. Not because I have anything extra special coming up this weekend, except for lots of homework and the Mt Tabor Veterinary Care holiday party (theme: 80's prom!), but I'm just glad that it's halfway through the week and almost the weekend again!

I can't remember if I mentioned it or not, but my hair is officially back to its natural color. No more bleach! It's kind of a dark, ashy blonde. It's so weird (but nice!) to see it again. It seems so dark since I've been used to having white hair for almost five years!

I'm pretty excited about this weekend (okay, I guess I *am* excited about something) because I think I am going to homebrew for the first time. I need to check this evening to make sure I really have everything, but I think I'm there. It has taken over a year to get here! My dad got me a homebrew kit for my birthday last year and I think it seemed like a bigger undertaking than it actually is. I went to a free homebrewing class a couple weekends ago and the teacher whipped out a batch of brew like it ain't no thang. So that re-excited me in making this possible! My main thing was that I didn't have a pot to brew in, but my friend Krissy is letting me borrow her husband's pot for the time being. Did I mention he's a past president of the Oregon Brew Crew, Oregon's oldest homebrew club? I hope it comes imbued with positive brew-making skills!

That leads me into my next picture, which is nerdy and reminds me of when I played MMORPGs. It's in one of the bathrooms at Breakside Brewery.

"Employees must wash hands before turning to ork." That, my friends, cracks me up in only a way that a former Dwarf Huntress (level 48, baby) can. In fact, I just tried logging into my Dark Ages of Camelot's guild's website, Knights of Awen, for the first time (since 2004, apparently), and my biography says "MoteViolence is a wee dwarf girl from Midgard, Alaska. She enjoys running through the forest with her wolf, engaging in melee activities, practicing her archery skills, and baking cookies for her guild members."

Yup, I was still the same Brittany back then. ;o) Nerrrrrrrd.


  1. Crossing fingers it works and that I have everything I need this weekend!