Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Photos from my Ketchikan trip, as of yet!

Well, there are no beautiful outdoorsy Alaska shots this trip. I was a dork and forgot that it is DUH Alaska in the winter and there are so few hours of daylight. It doesn't really get "bright" until 8am-ish and then it starts to get dark around 2pm and is totally pitch black by 3:30pm. Since I am working 7am-5pm there is no chance of pretty, scenic shots. I did take a picture this weekend from the deck of the house I'm house-sitting, though. I wasn't working as late then.

Ta da! It was so pretty out that day! Now it's rainy again.

Here are a couple photos of me and my Ketchikan kitty friends, Mojo and Icky. We all know how much I love Icky, but Mr. Mojo is so handsome in this photo, even with his kitty laser eyes!

Icky and I, BFFs for evah!

Here's a picture I took yesterday of the holiday-themed Black Wolf special order we put together for one of our customers. The bags look so pretty together!

The underlying "theme" of the fire department Christmas party is usually "what happens at the Christmas party, stays at the Christmas party!" (In jest, of course.) Here's a few pictures from the party on Saturday night. It was so much fun!

 Tiffany and I

 Super hero poses!

 Jessica's awesome shoes!

 Marley and I love name tags! (Yes, I just "we'd" us.)

 Do NOT mess with Marley.

 Bwahhhhh! Jello shots!

 Why is she in the coat closet? We just don't know! (But why not?)

 James and I

 Whitney and I. I love her jacket!

 The faces in this are so great.

 Again, faces!

 I loooove Jim! I miss working with him. He is SO FUN.

Dance partay!

And now it is Wednesday and I will be working another long day again today! I told Jonathan on the phone last night that I'm just not used to working ten hour days there. I used to work 7am-3pm but I can really feel the extra tiredness that comes with working the extra hours. Oh, well. It's worth it, though! I gotta pay for school this term!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Happy hump day!

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