Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'm still alive! Running on coffee!

The title is more true than you know. Working ten hour days at the coffee shop since I've been here keeps me really busy! I've visited friends after work the past couple of nights, but then by the time I get back "home" I am too tired and exhausted to get online and blog. So I apologize for my lack of posting. Also, Saturday night at the fire department Christmas party I got food poisoning, so I left early and was up all night. So not fun! I finally got to sleep between 6:30am-ish on Sunday and was up at 8:30am for work, but was definitely hurting all day.

One of my projects since getting Ketchikan has been listing almost all of our green coffee beans options in our Big Cartel store. It's nice to have another place online where we can sell our green coffee beans because we sell them quite a bit in the actual shop. We can't sell them in our Etsy store because they don't count as a "supply" for other people to take and do to them what they wish (I checked). But quite a few people use Big Cartel, which is awesome, so hopefully we make some sales! I took a few pictures to use in the listings so people get an idea of what they are.

I'm really excited because we have three pallets of coffee coming in today, so it will be a roasting bonanza! We have Kona, Kauai, and Jamaica Blue Mountain coming in, so it's going to be extra awesome, but I think all of that coffee is spoken for. Too bad because I would love some. ;o)

I have been so sick/busy that I haven't even had time to look at the pictures from the Christmas party the other night. I'm hoping to do that tonight! Here's a couple pictures from other people, though!

 Us ladies at Fat Stan's. I didn't get the zombie eye memo.

 Marley was gonna shank me if I didn't hold her bitch pockets!

Shanking aside, Marley was the bestest girl date ever! How cute are we?
(So cute.)

I should probably finish up and start on some coffee work. Still got projects to work on. There are always projects for the Brittany. :o)

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